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7.12 Steps for Raising $20,000

Dear Ms. Klein: I am the treasurer of the Spanish Honor Society at my local High School. My goal is to raise approximately $20,000 in order to have all our club members fly to Costa Rica. We plan to volunteer at an orphanage there where we will teach the children English and organize activities for them. The problem is, however, […]

7.7 Ethnical Guidelines for Conveying Program Costs to Donors

Dear Kim: Are there ethical guidelines for placing values on “example” donation amounts on websites and in appeals? I see other organizations provide lists in their appeals such as “$10 will provide toothbrushes for 5 people”; “$100 sponsors one child at event X,” etc. I’m not sure how to word example amounts without misleading the potential […]

6.9 Inappropriate Funder Stipulations

Dear Kim: We have a funder who wants to make it a condition of a grant extension to require that we maintain the same development staff person on the grant until December. This particular staff person has been promoted to a new position within the development department with greater responsibilities and we hired her replacement […]

6.7 Leveraging large gifts

Dear Kim: I’m the Director of a small non-profit and I spend about half my time on fundraising.  We just got amazing news last week – a major donor just committed to giving us $40,000 a year for 3 years, with the assumption that she’ll renew after that.  Our budget is pretty tiny, so that […]

4.15.11 Giving thanks

I am self-employed, which means that April 15 (or this year, April 18) is always an important day for me. I have to pay any tax I owe from last year, and also make the first of four payments on the money I will earn this year. We call these payments, “estimateds” for short. Usually […]

4.13 Credit Card Processing Fees

Dear Kim: I know you advise being able to accept donations by credit card, but given that the credit card company charge 3% or more, isn’t it better to have the donor write a check or give cash? ~Hate that percentage Dear Percentage: If a donor stands in front of you, offering an amount of […]

4.12 Offers that Don’t Amount to Much

Dear Kim: We have a board member who has offered to donate $1 for every $100 people spend at his store, if they tell the clerk they are from our organization.  He runs a small bakery and it would be very rare for anyone to spend $100 at one time, and so over the three […]

3.8 What to do about unfulfilled pledges

Dear Kim: We were at $950,000 toward a $1,000,000 capital campaign goal and feeling pretty good about ourselves when we learned that a donor who pledged to give us $75,000 is not going to be able to pay.  He signed a pledge form and a lawyer on our board says a signed pledge is legally […]

2.9 Feeling Disrespected & Misunderstood as a Fundraising Consultant

Dear Kim: Do you have any advice and/or insights for dealing with people who don’t understand (or make minimizing assumptions) about being a fundraising consultant? I find myself getting snippy and making admittedly defensive remarks or puffing myself up when my career as a fundraising consultant comes up in casual conversation and the reaction is […]

2.8 Working with Elderly Donors

Dear Kim: Last year, we phoned one of our more elderly major donors to set up a meeting to talk with her about her annual gift.  To our surprise, she seemed disoriented and didn’t seem to remember us, though she’s met and spoken with our executive director and one of our board members on various […]