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7.16 Dear Kim: Reminder from Kim

Dear Readers: Don’t forget to sign up for the Money for our Movements Conference August 12-13!  It is a great place to learn with other social justice activists and long time grassroots fundraising experts.  I’ll see you there! Kim

Dear Kim: Overcoming donor dread

Dear Kim: We have a really generous but very difficult donor.  He gives about $20,000 a year, and in some years has given $50,000.  He is by far our biggest donor (we have a few donors who give $5,000 and several hundred who give anywhere from $25-$1,000) and it is my job to go see […]

Dear Kim: Message from Kim

Dear Readers: What are you doing August 12-13?  I hope as many of you as possible will be answering, “Coming to the Money for Our Movements Conference!” This biennial conference is being held this year at Mills College in Oakland and will feature trainers and participants from all over the United States. If any of […]

Dear Kim: Are we being good stewards or just being nosey?

Dear Kim: We have several donors who have given us $1000-$5,000 for three or four years, and then last year and this year only gave $100-250.  I have thanked them, but heard you say in a keynote that we should call people like that and ask them why they decreased their giving.  This seems rude […]

Dear Kim: Our ED “edits” board meeting minutes

Dear Kim: In our organization, the executive director has the staff rotate taking minutes at the board meeting.  She takes a turn, which I admire.  The problem is that after the meeting, we all turn in our minutes to her and then she goes through the minutes and sometimes changes things. She claims to be […]