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6.1 What Happens When Real Fundraisers, Do Real?

Unless you’ve been living north of the Arctic Circle, you have probably witnessed the spectacle masquerading as reality and bombarding the airwaves these days. Now I do know some people that only watch world news and some who have no television at all…otherwise, like I said: north of the Arctic Circle. Over the past couple […]

4.26 Can You Retire Passion?

If you really wanted to, could you remove yourself from the “revolution” and live what some might call a “normal life?” Maybe the real question is: can you retire the essence of who you are, your passion to serve? I’ve been around sports most of my life and one thing I learned early on was […]

3.24 Justice in the Songs of Life

There’s a major gift out there that I believe often goes unnoticed. I think it should be considered a precious, precious philanthropic contribution to social change: Music. I’m talking about home grown, cross-cultural, multi-generational, movement building, social changing MUSIC. I think good music with a message can motivate people to take action, plus it embodies […]

3.15 The “Oops, I Didn’t Know You Were…” Zone

The donor did not expect you to be a person of color; they never conceived that you were queer, or younger. The fact that you were threw the donor off for a moment. Don’t be surprised, all is well, you’ve simply entered into the “Oops, I didn’t know you were Black, Latino, Asian, Queer, Under […]

2.10 The Purpose Behind Our Power (The State of Our Movement Union)

Someone asked, “Where did the people of color – grassroots fundraising movement come from?” I answered, “I’m not sure, I came into the game long after the gurus and movement builders laid the groundwork.” So, I’m not going to pretend to have any answers. I can tell you when I noticed. I noticed a few […]

12.20 The Fundraiser Who Took a Holiday

Remember the film Death Takes a Holiday? The story line can be found in several sci-fi series or films like Meet Joe Black: Death works really hard at his job all the time, but then he decides to take a break and experience life on the other side. Well that’s how I feel every year […]

11.19 My Year End, Ain’t Yo’ Year End

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Its okay, you can admit it crept up on you, I know I’ll admit it. I learned years ago that the finale of nonprofit fund development is the year-end fundraising. Everybody is focused on raising money to meet budget goals. I wonder if a study has […]

10.12 Donors of Color Not Needed for the Movement?

My head is still throbbing from my conversation with a program associate at a southern-based foundation.  The conversation had me so upset I reached out to my board of directors for moral support.  The foundation person (who is probably first contact for groups considering submitting a grant proposals) told me our organization was not compatible […]

A Fundraiser of Color in a Movement of Green

We preach that fundraisers shouldn’t panic; that people are still giving, even in these tough times. But I find it hard to raise money from people (mainly people of color) in this  economic environment.  It feels awkward to fundraise or encourage giving when communities are facing high levels of unemployment, loss of wealth (401k’s) and […]