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12.22 A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, It’s been a long time since I wrote you a letter. I don’t even really believe in you anymore, but I figure, what could it hurt? At the very least, my good intentions and wishes will go out into the universe and have some sort of positive effect on society, right? I hope […]

10.21 What Would You Do with $155 million?

As a fundraising consultant to small social justice nonprofits with organizational annual budgets that normally fall below $2 million, I have talked to or worked with many groups who are or have been in financial crisis. The causes for these crises are often varied and complex, from losing a major grant because a funder slashed […]

7.22 What are We Afraid of?

In my direct fundraising and also my fundraising consulting work, the majority of nonprofits that I work with see themselves as social justice groups, and of those, many see themselves as racial justice organizations. The staff, board and member/client base of most of these groups, for obvious reasons, are usually made up of mostly people […]

Fundraising as Movement-Building: Breast Cancer Action

These are exciting, scary and sometimes confusing times we live in. From the recent national controversy surrounding SB 1070—the Arizona law that criminalizes immigrants and encourages racial profiling—to last month’s disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there is plenty to be upset about. As social justice fundraisers, though, our job is to see […]