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Strategic Communications for Year-Round Donor Engagement

Joleen Ong demonstrates how staying in touch with donors throughout the year—by strategically sharing content through a variety of channels—builds trust and increases the likelihood of them renewing their support. From the Sep-Oct 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal    

The Importance of Having Honest Conversations

Dear Kim, I am the sole staff for a small literacy program in a suburb of Chicago.  We have a wonderful board except for one member who is new and is proving to be quite difficult.  We invited her on at the suggestion of our biggest donor. She is very critical, bossy, and constantly saying, […]

A Communications Plan–Another Tool in Your Fundraising Toolbox

Karen Topakian founded Topakian Communications in 2010 where she serves as a writer, speaker and communications consultant. Read Karen’s Grassroots Fundraising Journal articles via this link. May 31, 2017: Even though I wrote this piece four years ago, I believe it still rings true today. But now I would emphasize the importance of developing a social media […]

The Impact of Consistent Messaging: Integrating Communications & Fundraising

by Laurene S Francois Every organization has a story. And that story plays a critical role in fundraising success because it communicates the unique qualities of the work you do and conveys the progress you’ve made towards creating social change from the grassroots. In GIFT’s recent webinar, “Low-Tech Guide to High-Tech Communications & Fundraising,” featuring […]

3.1 Nonprofit Newsletter Reality Check: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A GIFT webinar featuring Tina Cincotti! March 24, 2011 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET Newsletters are the one of the most valuable tools you have for keeping donors connected to your work and for showing them the impact of their support. Yet, surveys show that donors aren’t reading them. Why? Because a good newsletter is […]