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Collecting Donor Phone Numbers

Dear Kim, I have a multipart question.  We want to start doing thank-you calls but often don’t have donor phone numbers. Is it creepy to get their phone number from the white pages? Should we require a phone number on our donation page so we can capture phone numbers going forward? ~ Death by detail […]

Acknowledging Donors Online

Dear Readers: I have chosen two questions this week that concern, at least in part, issues about privacy.  I suggest that all of you take a brief break from the chaotic speed of fall fundraising to read Wikipedia’s description of privacy:   For many Americans, privacy has become intertwined with security, which arguably is […]

How Often Should We Be Asking?

Dear Kim, How often should you try to get someone who gave your organization money once to give again? ~Persistence and Pestering: Where is the Line? Dear Persistence, The sad fact that has to be taken into account when building a donor program is that most people who give once will not give again. The […]

The Pros & Cons of Multiyear Pledges

Dear Kim, We have been advised to start asking our donors for three to five year pledges.  The consultant advising us says it will save us a lot of time because we do ONE ask and then the payment is spread over five years.  Our executive director likes the idea because she and the finance […]

To Phone or Not to Phone Donors

Dear Kim, I know you are a big fan of phoning donors but I personally hate to be phoned by an organization I give to and when I call people, I don’t think they are very happy either.  ~Thoughts? Dear Thoughts, I assume you are talking about calling people you don’t know and I would […]

Collecting Pledges

Dear Kim: A donor recently promised a donation of $2500 but hasn’t paid it.  How can I collect this money?  We could really use it but don’t want to be rude. ~Accounts Receivable Dear Accounts: Here is the protocol for collecting pledges:  1)      The donor makes a commitment in person or in writing to an […]

Strengthening Relationships with Our Supporters

by Ryan Li Dahlstrom Living in a racialized economic system that values profit over people has a disproportionate impact on marginalized communities (particularly communities of color) who have struggled with poverty for generations. And, with inequitable wealth and resource distribution at its most extreme, we need each other now more than ever. So how can […]

3.11 Asking for a Specific Amount

Dear Kim: I have often heard and others say that when you are asking for money, you need to name an amount or a range.  I feel uncomfortable doing this, and I think some of my donors do not like being asked for a specific amount.  I work with a lot of donors who are […]

3.9 Texting Donors

Dear Kim: It is OK to set up a meeting with a major donor by text message?  It feels weird to me, but this donor texts all the time and never answers her phone or responds to email.  She has been a volunteer at our organization but now has a really intense job and can’t […]

2.21 The Why of Grassroots Fundraising

Dear Kim: My nonprofit has recently decided to follow your advice and build a base of individual donors.  (We have lost most of our foundation funding and see this as our only choice.)  We are very small, with only two staff and five board members and so we want to attract a small number of […]