Category: Donor relations

7.19 The Human Side of Major Donor Programming

This month I am writing about what cori parrish at North Star Fund calls “the human side of donor programming.”

7.7 Ethnical Guidelines for Conveying Program Costs to Donors

Dear Kim: Are there ethical guidelines for placing values on “example” donation amounts on websites and in appeals? I see other organizations provide lists in their appeals such as “$10 will provide toothbrushes for 5 people”; “$100 sponsors one child at event X,” etc. I’m not sure how to word example amounts without misleading the potential […]

5.26 The Vulnerability of the Ask

Sometimes you can only learn the hard way. The fundraising training and call night we’d carefully planned a few weeks fell flat when hardly anyone signed up to join us. We had come up with a great idea. A good friend and fan of the organization offered to share her considerable skills as a grassroots […]

4.28 Adopting Moves Management

A smart and caring member of our Fundraising Committee recently introduced us to the idea of “moves management.” Truthfully, if this concept had come from any number of other folks I might have been a bit dismissive. In brief, moves management is a way to systematically analyze your donor base and create relationship and communication […]

3.15 The “Oops, I Didn’t Know You Were…” Zone

The donor did not expect you to be a person of color; they never conceived that you were queer, or younger. The fact that you were threw the donor off for a moment. Don’t be surprised, all is well, you’ve simply entered into the “Oops, I didn’t know you were Black, Latino, Asian, Queer, Under […]

3.8 What to do about unfulfilled pledges

Dear Kim: We were at $950,000 toward a $1,000,000 capital campaign goal and feeling pretty good about ourselves when we learned that a donor who pledged to give us $75,000 is not going to be able to pay.  He signed a pledge form and a lawyer on our board says a signed pledge is legally […]

3.1 Nonprofit Newsletter Reality Check: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A GIFT webinar featuring Tina Cincotti! March 24, 2011 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET Newsletters are the one of the most valuable tools you have for keeping donors connected to your work and for showing them the impact of their support. Yet, surveys show that donors aren’t reading them. Why? Because a good newsletter is […]

2.8 Working with Elderly Donors

Dear Kim: Last year, we phoned one of our more elderly major donors to set up a meeting to talk with her about her annual gift.  To our surprise, she seemed disoriented and didn’t seem to remember us, though she’s met and spoken with our executive director and one of our board members on various […]

2.1 Planned Giving Made Easy

Do you dream of a wealthy benefactor leaving your organization $1 million in her will? Chances of that happening will increase greatly if your group actively asks supporters for estate gifts. We are in the midst of the greatest generational wealth transfer in U.S. history. Wouldn’t you like some of that wealth directed towards your […]

1.6 Kim Klein’s New Year’s Resolutions for Grassroots Fundraisers

Dear Readers: Either you were all so busy with year-end donations or you took some time off during December,  (I hope a lot of both)  but I did not get any questions to answer.   So I will use this space to suggest some new year’s resolutions for those of us with fundraising responsibilities, whether staff, […]