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Useful Donor Information

Dear Kim, We have 500 donors, of whom 50 give over $1,000 and another 50 give between $500-999. We do a decent job of keeping in touch with these 100 donors, usually talking to them by phone or visiting the top 20 largest donors at least once a year. I keep all the information on […]

Ask for What You Want

Dear Kim, I have a donor who gives $250 a year but always makes noises like he is going to give more sometime. We have coffee and sometimes lunch two to three times a year and I always pick up the tab. He never gives more. What should I do? When I factor in my […]

All Aboard: Boards That Work

Building off the 2014 Money for Our Movements debate, Kim Klein and Stephanie Roth argue that we can have the boards we want and need, and offer ideas for how to achieve them. From the Nov-Dec 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, v33 n6.

The Case for Building a Broad Base of Donors

Dear Kim, We are being advised by a consultant to stop trying to build a broad base of donors and instead to focus on high net worth individuals and seek six figure gifts from them.  The consultant says it will be faster and more lucrative which makes sense to me.  Why do you advise focusing […]

Viva La Causa: Fundraising Lessons from the United Farm Workers Movement

Rona Fernandez shares fundraising stories from the UFW, showing what can happen when a group moves away from its core constituency as its main source of support. From the July-Aug 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal  

Conversations in Abundance & Wealth: Courageous Moves Towards Authentic Collaboration

by Sophia Kizilbash This reflection is a call for all of us to live more courageously in our lives and roles as fundraisers.  In my life, the bridge I am walking across to reach this courageous place is the same as my journey to live as a whole person.  Not segmented, not releasing parts of […]

You’ve Got Something to Talk About: Amplifying Your Organizational Greatness

From the Mar-Apr 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Conveying our greatness to potential funders and donors can be challenging. Holly Fincke and Rebecca Johnson examine what’s holding us back, and offer tips for how we can talk ourselves up more.  

Build Your Fundraising Team: Tools & Rewards

From the Jan/Feb 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Christa Orth shares tips for building effective fundraising teams, highlighting the success of Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund in creating strong fundraising cultures and increased financial sustainability of their work.

Preparing & Sticking to Your Fundraising Plan

By Rona Fernandez. From the November-December 2013 Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Check out the full issue here. Rona Fernandez shares practical tips for developing a fundraising plan that is realistic and adaptable when the unexpected happens.

Finding a Fundraising Task for Everyone

Dear Kim, I am the board chair of a small organization in a very rural (1,000 pop) town.  We are not on the tourist track and, if we were to face the truth, we would admit that in 20 years our town probably won’t exist.  Our organization helps seniors stay in their homes, which in […]