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Growing Donor Organizers Through Giving Projects: Four Years Later

Since we first shared about Social Justice Fund Northwest’s Giving Projects in 2014, the model has been embraced by the Giving Project Learning Community, transforming the philanthropic approach of the six participating funders. Read how the model has evolved over time, and the particular impact it’s had through engaging people of color as donor organizers.

Resourcing the Movement for Black Lives

William Cordery takes a close look at the role institutional philanthropy has played in supporting the Movement for Black Lives, and how foundations can be more effective partners to social movements.

Tooth Fairy Fundraising

Dear Kim, How would a small nonprofit go about securing a major gift of $500,000-1 million? I know it’s not impossible. My organization is almost 30 years old and we haven’t really grown since 1990. I have just started here, but I can already see that half our time is focused on fundraising. We could […]

Oral Dockets

Dear Kim, Our organization has been asked to present our request for funding in person to a panel of decision makers, along with a number of other organizations. They call it an “Oral Docket.” Have you ever heard of such a thing? We are not very good public speakers and I feel we will be […]

Individual Giving & Structural Inequities

Dear Kim, I have just heard that the USA is not the most generous country in the world. Is this true? Who is? I am really disappointed because I thought this was something to be proud of. ~Flag is drooping Dear Flag, There are several indices of generosity and Charities Aid Foundation, which publishes one […]

Getting Your Foot in the Foundation Door

Dear Kim, I recently submitted a brief letter of inquiry to a program officer at a major foundation about a project we are developing, seeking a meeting with him to discuss the project and seek advice in developing our program in this area.  I originally contacted him on the advice of another program officer who […]

Finding Foundation Funding

Dear Kim: How does a really good organization get foundation funding?  I know from your books that you don’t recommend relying on grants, but it seems like they are a help for getting programs off the ground.  I have used the Foundation Center’s database, which is great, and I have identified potential grantmakers, followed instructions, […]

July Best of the Blogs

We’ve culled through hundreds of fundraising blog posts to bring you the best from July. Happy reading! A Bigger Slice of Pie: Two Rules for Getting More Online Donations by Network for Good. Tips for increasing online donations, including a free guide on mobile giving. Three Ways to Boost Core Support from Stanford Social Innovation […]

Donor Perspectives on Giving

Read three donor perspectives on giving and learn what we, as fundraisers, can do to better navigate the donor/fundraiser relationship.

Reflections from the Middle Space between Grantmaking and Grantseeking

This post was originally published on Keeping a Close Eye … NCRP’s Blog. by Braeden Lentz I had no idea what institutional philanthropy was when I transitioned from working for nonprofits to landing a job at a grantmaker. Once I arrived, I was often asked by grantseeking colleagues what it was like on the “other side.” […]