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Grassroots Fundraising Training for Organizers & Activists: Oct. 22-24, 2015 in Baltimore

GIFT is growing the base of people developing grassroots funding strategies for long-haul movement building work. 

All Aboard: Boards That Work

Building off the 2014 Money for Our Movements debate, Kim Klein and Stephanie Roth argue that we can have the boards we want and need, and offer ideas for how to achieve them. From the Nov-Dec 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal, v33 n6.

The Importance of Having Honest Conversations

Dear Kim, I am the sole staff for a small literacy program in a suburb of Chicago.  We have a wonderful board except for one member who is new and is proving to be quite difficult.  We invited her on at the suggestion of our biggest donor. She is very critical, bossy, and constantly saying, […]

Boards: A Historic Relic?

This issue of “Dear Kim” is focused on a topic that many of the questions directed to us are some variation on: can a board of directors really be effective?  GIFT and I hear varieties of this question so often that we decided to make it the topic of the debate at this year’s Money for […]

Build Your Fundraising Team: Tools & Rewards

From the Jan/Feb 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Christa Orth shares tips for building effective fundraising teams, highlighting the success of Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund in creating strong fundraising cultures and increased financial sustainability of their work.

Comunidades del Futuro: Guía para Facilitadores Capacitando a la Comunidad en la Recaudación de Fondos

Utilice nuestra guía para facilitadores, de más de 100 páginas en español, para ayudarle a entrenar a otros en la recaudación de fondos. Use our facilitator’s guide of 100+ pages in Spanish to help you train others in grassroots fundraising.