Category: Training Opportunities

Join GIFT at #AMC2018

Come to the 20th annual Allied Media Conference in Detroit June 14-17, 2018 to explore mobilizing the resources (people, time, money, skills, land, and care) we need for our movements and communities to adapt and thrive.

Prepare for Year-End Fundraising Webinar Recording & Slides

‘Tis the season. If you’re newer to end-of-year fundraising, let GIFT help you prepare for the last big push of 2017. Participants will explore: 1) Driving forces behind year-end giving lore; 2) Planning an end-of-year fundraising campaign; and 3) Tips from GIFT to help ensure your campaign is successful. This workshop-oriented webinar will leave you ready to sprint to […]

Grassroots Fundraising Training for Organizers & Activists: Oct. 22-24, 2015 in Baltimore

GIFT is growing the base of people developing grassroots funding strategies for long-haul movement building work. 

Grantwriter’s FastTrack Coaching Program: Feb. 11 – Mar. 13 (seats are very limited!)

This 5-week intensive distance learning program offers a unique opportunity to fine-tune your grantwriting skills and advance your career. The Program includes group training, thorough feedback on 2 of your proposal drafts, individual coaching, group Q & A, and written materials: all to help you improve at least one grant proposal in a real-world situation. […]

Monthly Giving: The Basics

Want a proven way to bring in additional gifts from committed donors? River Network’s Pat Munoz lays out why and how to start a sustainer program.  

People-Powered Organizations: Building a Successful Monthly Sustainer Program 9/18 Webinar

Allison Budschalow and Kristin Campbell of Media Mobilizing Project will tell the amazing story of how they built a wildly successful monthly sustainer program over the course of three years. They’ll discuss the vision and strategy as well as share the how-to nuts-and-bolts and capacity required for building monthly giving programs.

Concepts in Crowdfunding & Crowd-Resourcing for Social Justice Work: 8/20 Webinar @10am PT

PLUS! Brass Tacks for Planning a Successful Campaign: ioby co-founder Erin Barnes will begin by walking you through a brief history of crowdfunding, an assessment of the leading types of crowdfunding platforms, and a quick guide to choosing the right crowdfunding platform for you. Then we’ll switch gears and discuss the best practices in crowdfunding, integrating crowdfunding into your development strategy, and share some of the characteristics of successful ioby campaigns, pulled directly from the ioby signature crowdfunding training FastCash.

Engaging Your Board Members to Maximize Your Fundraising

Join former GIFT Co-Director and Journal Editor Stephanie Roth for her webinar on June 25th @ 10am PT/1pm ET. Stephanie will focus on getting boards to a higher level of engagement and added value to your organization, which can then translate into more powerful board/staff partnerships, more openness to the board’s thinking on key questions, […]

Low-Tech Guide to High-Tech Communications & Fundraising

A GIFT Webinar featuring Yee Won Chong: Thursday, May 23 @ 10am PT/1pm ET. Untangle the confusing high-tech web to use essential tools systematically that integrate your program, communication and fundraising goals. Learn about best practices without the technobabble from a non-techie, advanced user. If you’re part of a small communications and fundraising team and/or […]

4.23 GFJ + NPQ + Kim Klein webinar=$59

Today’s your last chance to get one-year subscriptions to the Grassroots Fundraising Journal AND the Nonprofit Quarterly AND participate in a webinar with fundraising expert Kim Klein on Upgrading Donors for just $59! Open to all, not just new subscribers. Please share widely and sign up here! For just $59 you’ll get: 1. A special […]