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Understanding Financial Report Terminology

Small organizations may not have a staff member who has training in financial accounting. Whether you have a staff member/volunteer who is the bookkeeper and coordinates with an outside accountantfinance issue image for web for reporting or you use outside expertise for all bookkeeping and reporting functions, you may not be familiar with some of the language you see in financial reports or how they can be helpful in informing your planning.

Internal Financial Controls for Small Organizations

By Nan Jessup,  Financial controls are part of how organizations responsibly handle their money as resources move from the donors to supporting their work. The overall goal is to have different people handling different aspects of the flow of money so that there are checks and balances in place for both receiving income and dispersing […]

1.8 VisionTALK Dialogue Series: Sustaining Local Organizing in the 21st Century

Join us this Thursday at 9am PT! As the funding environment changes, social justice movements are presented with an opportunity to find creative new approaches to resourcing local organizing and cultural production- as part of a broader movement building strategy. Join Helen Brunner of the Media Democracy Fund, Ryan Li of the Grassroots Institute for […]

8.9 GIFT Wants to Hear from You!

Please let us know how we can best support your work by spending 5-7 minutes sharing your feedback. To thank you for your time you’ll be entered to win a free two-year subscription to the Grassroots Fundraising Journal!

8.4 Report Back from PTO conference

I just returned from the Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed pre-conference institute, “Beyond Silly Games:” Popular Education as a Methodology for Political Education, Leadership Development, Grassroots Organizing, and Movement Building

6.21 Did you miss the deadline?

Re-posted courtesy Nonprofit Association of Oregon: On June 8, 2011, the IRS released a list of 275,000 organizations that the IRS says are no longer tax-exempt because they did not file legally required documents. If your nonprofit is on this list, your tax-exemption status has been revoked! How do I know if my organization is […]

6.16 Greetings from GIFT’s new executive director

Hello GIFT Family, I am honored and humbled to be writing to you as the new executive director of GIFT. I look forward to beginning dialogues with those of you I haven’t met, and continuing already established relationships. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about myself and to speak […]

Goodbye from Claudia

This is my last post on the GIFT blog, at least for now.I’ve been at it for a year and am about to embark on a 4-month sabbatical. It is courtesy of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation which awards 5 of these to nonprofit leaders every year, and it couldn’t come at a better time […]