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12.30 Happy New Year from GIFT!

I just got back from spending time in Southern California with my huge family and loving partner. It reminded me why I do this work. That I do it for the rights of immigrants, for the hopes of the next generation, in honor of those who fought before us, and to nurture the love and […]

12.13 Welcome Ryan Li Dahlstrom!

Hello fabulous GIFT community, My name is Ryan Li Dahlstrom. I go by Ryan Li. I just relocated to Oakland from Minneapolis, MN where I grew up and spent most of my life. While in Minneapolis, I was involved in some fierce and transformational organizing work for safety, community space, and leadership within queer and […]

11.10 Your fundraising search is over–take advantage by 11.30

Does this sound familiar? You’re sitting at your desk, trying to think of something good to write in your end-of-year appeal. If only you had some samples to inspire you, best practices to guide you, and tips for making your letter stand out above the rest. Now you can! For just $29 (a 25% discount!), […]

10.7 Moving On So Others May Step Up: Succession Planning Tips

GIFT welcomes guest blogger, Mary Morten, Morten Group The best way to prepare for your organization’s leadership succession is to imagine both the best and worst that could happen to your company after you are no longer at the helm. Instead of waiting for the “right” moment to develop your succession plan, take a proactive […]

9.21 Best of the Blog

Hi there, Before I roll out GIFT Exchange’s latest Best Of the Blog, I must apologize: I planned on posting some Best of’s in the past few months so you could get in some summer reading. But between running around for the US Social Forum and for GIFT’s conference, posting to the blog slipped my […]

Who is GIFT Exchange?

GIFT Exchange is a big ole community of fun(draising): Pam Pompey blogs on fundraising in communities of color Claudia Horwitz writes on self-care and sustainability for busy fundraisers Rona Fernandez shares sharp analysis on current events and politics, all from a fundraising lens Kim Klein continues her Dear Kim advice column here (you can still […]

GIFT Exchange: adventures in fundraising action

As GIFT launches our new team-based blog, I wonder: Should we use Wordpress or Blogger? How many readers does it take to make this worth doing? What the heck are RSS feeds and Facebook integration tools?