Please note: GIFT’s Fellowship Program is currently on hiatus. Thanks for your interest.

GIFT’s Fellowship Program

We’ve graduated over 100 fundraiser-activists from our intensive fellowship program.

To help us re-design our program, former fellows, their mentors and site supervisors filled out surveys, talked with us in focus groups and one-on-one about what they loved and what we can do to make our program better.

Then, we read research about leadership development programs and interviewed our allies in the social justice, fundraising, and training & education communities, to learn from them. Now, we’re working with a program planning committee to help us re-launch a program model that’s responsive to the changing needs of social justice groups based in communities of color. The fellowship planning committee is comprised of former fellows, site supervisors, mentors, as well as current and former GIFT staff.

Meanwhile, check these pages for other training opportunities:

This program exceeded our expectations…[Our fellow] accomplished a ton of work, particularly on our database, and major donor relationship building strategy… Having a GIFT fellow put grassroots fundraising into conversation within the organization in a really helpful way… Grassroots fundraising is more integrated into the daily work of Critical Resistance than ever before. ”

– Ari Wohlfeiler, Critical Resistance

I am at day four…as a Development Associate of [a social justice organization]. A year ago it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind that this would…be possible. I feel really comfortable there…and I feel I have the skills needed….I can see doing more of this long-term…(be proud of yourself, [GIFT staff])…

– Former GIFT fellow, who was recruited to a development position within weeks of completing her fellowship

Our fellowship program is a response to our movements’ need to develop more activist-fundraisers of color.

Through our 6-month fellowship, we train and pay community organizers of color to strengthen the grassroots fundraising programs of the social justice groups they love.

Each GIFT fellow gets extensive training, mentorship from seasoned fundraisers, peer support, and special access to all of GIFT’s resources.

Our graduates leave the program with fundraising skills and experience, deepened political analysis and connection to a global network of more than 100 alumni.

Past fellowship sites include the Center for Third World Organizing, Colorado Anti-Violence Program, Project South, Grassroots Leadership, Just Communities-Central Coast, and more.

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2007-2008 Program

GIFT recruited 8 extraordinary women of color for our 2007-2008 fellowship cycle.

Our fellowship class of 2008 hanging out in Denver

Fellowship Success Stories and Testimonials

After graduating from our fellowship program in 2005, Janet Upadhye served as the supervisor to her own GIFT fellow. The following year, Janet became Development Director of San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR). Her work includes creating SFWAR’s Walk Against Rape, which raised $22,000 in 2006 to support survivors of sexual violence.

Janet serves as a fellowship mentor and is a proud donor of GIFT.

Less than one year after graduating from our fellowship program in 2007 as a fellow at Focus Points Family Resource Center, Ruth Zerezghi was hired as a Community Development and Training Officer at the Chinook Fund. At Chinook, Ruth fundraises to support a wide range of grassroots social justice groups in Colorado. She also fundraises extensively within her Eritrean community.

Ruth is helping to launch GIFT’s Fellowship Alumni Network and is a proud donor of GIFT.

Why Participants Love GIFT’s Fellowship Program

It really means a lot to me to feel so supported. Thank you for all of your hard work….You are always on the ball, and it’s great to be a part of such a well-run program.

We give fellows the best resources and training available because we’re investing in the future of our social justice movements. We need safer, stronger, healthier communities. Our fellows are leaders who can and do help make this happen.

Please donate to GIFT to invest in leadership for strong, sustainable social justice movements. Thank you for your support!