Powerful Voices seeks Executive Director, Seattle, WA

Powerful Voices is seeking an experienced leader who is personally and professionally committed to racial equity work and social justice for girls. Powerful Voices’ next Executive Director will have the passion and skills to lead and grow a small, progressive organization to make a big impact on the lives of individual girls, their schools and their communities. Since 1995, Powerful Voices has been promoting social justice and addressing inequity at its root by promoting the individual potential of girls in Seattle. We will hire an Executive Director who shares our commitment to helping girls be proud of who they are as they become leaders and change makers in their communities. 

To apply, please submit the following by Monday, September 19, 2016:

  • A résumé that highlights your relevant education, experience, and skills
  • A cover letter that describes your specific interest in the position and summarizes why this particular opportunity is a good fit for you
  • Email your application as a single PDF (cover letter and resume combined in one document, with your name in the file name) to powerfulvoicessearch@gmail.com.    No paper submissions, please.

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