Workers’ Dignity Dignidad Obrera is now in an open hiring process for someone with a lot of passion and the desire to pour their full-time energy into sustaining & growing the Nashville movement in a radical way through (1) coordinating grassroots fundraising from individuals of all backgrounds, and (2) membership growth & leadership development.

Do you, or someone you know, talk about their communities is an inspiring way that makes other wants to join in a contribute with money and time? Who wants to work with the Latino, Black, Arab, and other members of WD and MCRU in a membership-led and multi-racial organization? Who listens & learns and steadfastly supports that in other people too?

If so, this is the job for you.

Here’s the position description which goes into more detail. You can call the staff at 615-669-5351 to talk more.

Here is the job announcement on Facebook.