For Trainers and Consultants


Below you’ll find information about being a consultant as well as links to fundraising resources you can use in your consulting work.

Being a Consultant

Fundraising Resources for Consultants

Being a Consultant

Just starting out as a consultant or looking for more information on being a consultant? Below is a list of resources you may find helpful. 

Make Fundraising Your Career

Why Good Fundraisers Are Never Paid on Commission

Why People of Color Need to be Good Fundraisers

Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

Identifying and Correcting Unhealthy Organizational Dynamics

When Money Isn’t the Problem

10 Most Important Things You Can Know About Fundraising


Fundraising Resources for Consultants

Looking for articles or handouts to use with your clients? Below is a list of articles and handouts that fundraising trainers and consultants tell us are especially useful. Those with a link are free and the others require a $3 download fee per article.

Evaluating Your Indvidual Donor Program

How Does Your Board Measure Up?

10 Quick Ways to Improve Board Meetings

Correct Use of Special Events

Creating a Budget for Fundraising

How to Plan Your Fundraising Strategy: Keeping Your Organization Financially on Track with a Year-Round Plan

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