Liberation is a Collective Process: Money for Our Movements Conference Statement and Policies on Access

Modeled after policies written by planners of the United States Social Forum and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change conference.

We believe in self-determination, self-expression, and in constituent-led organizing, meaning that the people directly affected by oppression are the most equipped to define their own liberation. We believe that the structures that oppress us reinforce and support each other; thus, working at their intersections, we can tear them down. We also believe that structures that oppress one part of our community affect our entire community, and that it is our collective responsibility to tear them down.

We have worked hard in the planning of this conference to try to embody these beliefs. We need your help as participants at this conference to help create a space that is safer, more accessible, and that models the community and world we are working to build with each other.

We are bound to make mistakes in our process, and we need your help to develop better systems. Please visit us at the GIFT table or use your conference evaluation form if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback that can make our journey better.

Transgender Etiquette

Please do not assume anyone’s gender. A person’s appearance, voice, or mannerisms may not indicate their internal gender identity. We consider it polite to ask: “What pronoun do you use?” or “How do you identify?” before using pronouns or gendered words. When registering, some people identified the pronouns they use, and their information is printed on their nametags. If you are unsure of someone’s gender identity, try using that person’s name or gender-neutral terms instead.

Restroom Policy

In solidarity with our trans participants (including: transgender, genderqueer, and other gender nonconforming people), we have designated all-gender restrooms in our space. Many transgender and gender nonconforming people have been harassed, beaten, ridiculed, and arrested in both men’s and women’s restrooms. We have adopted this policy to stand in opposition to the above acts and in solidarity with this community. We know that this is not simply a language or labeling issue: the initiative to create all-gender restrooms is not driven by an avoidance of the angst of choosing an icon for one’s gender identity. It is, rather, centered on the hostility and intimidation that actually occur when some members of our community make either one of the available choices.

A restroom is a place that everyone should be able to go without incident and without feeling intimidated. Regardless of what bathroom you use, please let everyone use the facilities in peace.

Although we are unable to label them as such, all restrooms are considered gender neutral.

People with Disabilities

We strive to make the conference accessible to people with disabilities. Ableism has led to the  use of words like “lame,” “crazy,” and “cripple” for labeling people, as well as for derogatory descriptive terms. Please be aware of the words you choose. Not all disabilities are visible, so avoid assumptions. For example, be patient with different styles of communication or eye contact. A few tips: Don’t interact with service animals. Don’t touch someone or their assistive devices without asking. If they’re using an interpreter, talk directly to the person, not the interpreter. Please don’t ask unnecessarily intrusive questions about people’s bodies. Don’t assume that someone wants help: ask them and wait for an answer before acting.

Child-Friendly Space

We believe that limiting the participation of those with children holds our movements back, and we welcome babies and children at the conference. We understand that it is difficult to find high quality, affordable childcare and that people may have other reasons for bringing their children with them. For example, the presence of babies and children is common in organizing spaces rooted in many cultural traditions. We strive to create a welcoming intergenerational space throughout the conference. Local childcare providers will be providing kids space on site. For those bringing babies or children who would like a separate space anytime during the conference, please see the GIFT table for details.

Scent-Free Space

Scented products are harmful to the health of sensitive individuals, including those with allergies, chemical or environmental sensitivity, chronic heart or lung disease, and those with other chronic illnesses caused by environmental racism. We strive to provide a healthy and welcoming environment for all participants. As much as possible, please refrain from wearing cologne, perfume, and fragrances.

As much as possible, please choose scent-free lotions, creams, shampoo and hair products, and deodorants. If scents and chemicals present a barrier for you, please know that Money for Our Movements is not yet a scent-free conference. (To learn more see

Quiet Space

For those who may need to step away from the busy, active, and interactive environment of the conference for a little while, we will be providing a quiet room throughout the event.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave the conference to prevent disruptions or to protect the health and/or safety of conference attendees.