Campañas Capitales


Quien puede ser un campeon de una campaña capital

Piramide para Campañas Capitales #1

Piramide para Campañas Capitales #2

Papeles y Responsabilidades

Ingredientes (plan) para Campañas Capitales

Guia para presentar y desarrollar


Abel Valladares,

Jaime Arredondo

y Brenda Mendoza

Fundraising and Organizing Go Hand in Hand


Mario Lugay

Marjorie Fine

Building Broader Circles of Support: Grassroots Fundraising Organizing Teams

Catalyst Project Ballots & Beyond

2011 FTeam Plan for Gift

F-Team Intake Form 2pgs

Fundraising Team Expectations 2008


Ari Clemenzi

Clare Bayard

Cherry Stelly

Grassroots Fundraising and Movement Building: Lessons from Our Practice


Ari Clemenzi

Rachel Herzing

Collaborative Fundraising Strategies – Thinking Outside the Box

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Betty Yu

Carol Ammons

Allison Budschalow 

Giving Circles 101 = Community + Philanthropy

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Giving Circle Brochure


Chad U. Jones

Noelle Ito

Show Me the Money:  Nonprofits Talking Taxes


Steve Lew

Kim Klein

Writing Amazing Appeal Letters That Are…Appealing


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Dalya F. Massachi

Building a Board that Fundraises (and enjoys it)

GFJ Article: Create Culture of Fundraising in Your Organization

GFJ Article: Four Steps to Building a Fundraising Culture

Creative FUNdraising

GFJ Article: Prospect Identification

Who Do You Know Worksheet

Blank Fundraising Plan Worksheet

Board Exercises

Board Fund Commit

Reflection Worksheet

Dara Silverman

Shaun (Sha) Grogan-Brown

Raise $300-$10,000 Online in 6 Weeks

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Erin Barnes

Board Fundraising In Real Time

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Gregory Cohen

Planned Giving Made Easy

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Estate Planning Worksheet

Planned Giving Case for Support Exercise

Sample Bequest Language


Stan Yogi

All About Mail: Acquiring, Retaining, and Upgrading Donors


Donor Life Cycle Through Mail


Kristen Cashmore Deborah Agre

How Social Networking Can Turn Your Best Supporters into Your Best Fundraisers: Lessons from the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon

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Megan Peterson



Anti-Racism for White Folks in Fundraising



Molly McClure

Alia Trindle

House Parties for Fun and Profit!

Crossroads House Party Timeline

Sample Invites

Talking Points Gary Arnold HP

Rachel Wallis

Kristina Roque

Asking and Getting the Gift: ‘Moves Management’ as a Tool to Connect the Donor’s Vision with the ‘Ask’


Robert Hurst

Ana Maria Murillo

Our Data, Ourselves: Choosing a Database or CRM for your Organization


Robert Weiner

Tracy Kronzak

Designing for Change: Why Good Design is Important


Sabiha Basrai

Sarah Reilly

You Can Do it if You Have To:  Building a 100% Grassroots Fundraising Program


Ari Wohlfeiler

Cecilie Surasky

Using Photos and Video For Fundraising, Marketing and Communications


Joseph Smooke

Grassroots Fundraising 101

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Uma Rao

Nonprofits and the Earned Income Funding Model

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Sonya Ulibarri Garcia

Make That Ask! A Major Donor Clinic


Nisha Anand

It’s a Two Way Street: Building Stronger Relationships with Donors


Stephanie Roth

Fix Your Fundraising Events


Russell Roybal

Creating An Annual Fundraising Plan

GFJ Article: Grassroots Fundraising Strategy Chart


Priscilla Hung

Raps That Raise Money: Fundraising at Any Gathering

Event Pitches

Raps Worksheet

Mark Toney

Multichannel Communication and Fundraising

Elements of Your Plan

Your MultiChannel Strategy and Timeline

Your Visual Plan

Yee Won Chong

People of Color in Fundraising: What’s Hot & What’s Not

How Strong Beats My Heart

The Four “I’s” of Oppression

Web of Oppression

Jordan T Garcia


Asking the Right Person for the Right Amount: Demystifying Prospect Research                                                                    

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Will Cordery

Armando            Zumaya