2006 Conference Info

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Raising Change: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference a great success:

Together, we examined the role fundraising plays in base-building, community-building, and movement-building. We promoted skills and strategies for building organizations that are supported by their communities. We built relationships and shared stories and solutions. We discussed the politics of funding. And we did this as people of color, young people, monolingual Spanish-speakers, people from many regions of the United States, and seasoned fundraisers.

 “My co-worker and I are so energized and inspired.  This conference has given us the energy and ideas to make big changes when we go back to work.”

 “[Now] I feel confident making a pitch. Huge for this organizer!”

“I feel much more able and enthusiastic to inspire folks in my organization to see fundraising as movement-building and organizing.”

“Fundraising can be really powerful, progressive, and fun.”

The Future

Let’s keep the inspiration and information flowing!

  1. Continue learning and exploring. You can share what you’ve learned with your board, staff, and volunteers. Host informal meetings with other fundraisers to share skills and promote discussion. Follow-up with contacts you made at the conference. Try out one of the ideas you learned at the conference and let people know how it worked out. Subscribe to the Grassroots Fundraising Journal.
  2. Based on feedback from all of you, we’re hoping to host another conference in 2008, perhaps in a different region of the United States. Let us know if you would like to help plan or support this.

Contact Us

The Grassroots Fundraising Journal/GIFT plays a leading role in building the capacity of social justice organizations to raise money and to develop healthy, diverse, and sustainable grassroots fundraising programs. If there are ways we can support you in your work, please contact us at (510) 452-4520 or info@grassrootsfundraising.org.