2010 Workshops and Handouts

Money for Our Movements Workshops



THURSDAY 10:30 – 12:30

There are nearly two hundred donor databases on the market. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, fans and foes. The challenge is to find a system with strengths that meet your needs, weaknesses that won’t get in your way, at a price you can afford. This workshop will cover the basic concepts you will need to make a decision, and walk participants through several exercises designed to illuminate the kinds of choices involved in a donor/organizational database selection. This is not a discussion of database vendors, but of database strategy.

FACILITATORS: Robert L. Weiner & Tracy Kronzak



Grassroots fundraising can be a transformative process on many levels—for the fundraiser, for the donors, and for your community. But in order to be as successful as possible at raising money from the grassroots, you need a healthy fundraising culture in your organization—one in which everyone understands the importance of fundraising and everyone has a role to play. This workshop is for organizations that are looking to launch or improve their grassroots fundraising program, and will explore concrete ways to make fundraising a true team sport in which everyone is a winner!
FACILITATOR: Rona Fernandez

Combining Fundraising & Organizing

Evaluation Chart

Culture of Fundraising

If you are just starting out as a fundraiser for your organization, this workshop is for you. What are the most important things you need to know? What should you do first? How can you feel more confident about asking for money? This session will focus on the steps you need to take to start raising money from individuals in your community.
FACILITATOR: Ruth Zerezghi

How do you lay the foundation for individual donations in future years in the face of so much pressure to meet annual goals? Evaluate progress in building your group’s capacity to raise money as well as how much you raise. Assess and strengthen your Board/staff/volunteer capacity to reach out on your organization’s behalf. Learn the steps to build long term support, to be less dependent upon the askers and donors-or even a charismatic founder-of the moment.
FACILITATOR: Gregory Cohen



Many grassroots groups remain frustrated in their efforts to marshal significant resources from grantmakers. We need a collaborative, organized challenge to grantmakers to get them to do more for communities of color, immigrant communities, and low-income communities. In this interactive workshop, we will apply the lessons of community organizing to the philanthropic landscape as we design and test a campaign to challenge funders to pledge an increase in social justice grants.
FACILITATORS: Aaron Dorfman & Christine Ahn

Join FACT Management Assistance Project (MAP) consultants for an interactive workshop to explore natural synergies between organizing and fundraising and to sharpen skills for increasing organizational capacity to get more money from grassroots fundraising and major donors. Participants will be introduced to a new fundraising readiness assessment flow chart and guide, receive worksheets to examine constituency circles, get a training manual, and learn strategies to connect base building to fundraising.
FACILITATOR: Rebecca Johnson

Flow Chart

Exercises and Activities


This workshop will bust the myth that all giving is happening online and focus on techniques that you can use to increase your donor base and the amount of money you raise through mail appeals. Examples of successful campaigns will be shared, as well as how to evaluate campaign results.
FACILITATOR: Kristen Cashmore

Racism and white supremacy play out in our fundraising work, but they’re rarely talked about. Join us for a conversation about our experiences as people of color doing fundraising work. What challenges have we faced? How can we work together with other people of color to support one another in this work? How do we confront racism and white supremacy while building solidarity with white folks to achieve our common goals for collective liberation?
FACILITATORS: Jordan T Garcia & Manish Vaidya

This interactive session will be an opportunity for white people to develop a shared orientation for practicing anti-racism in fundraising for social justice organizations. Bring your experience, insights, and commitment to collective liberation!
FACILITATORS: Morgan Bassichis & Molly McClure

En este taller nos enfocaremos sobre las diversas estrategias en la recaudacion de fondos para nuestras organizaciones. Do donde llegan las donaciones y las estrategias mas efectivas.


THURSDAY 2:20 – 4:20

Designing for Change: Developing Effective Print & Web Materials

Design Action Collective will present examples of effective visual design for grassroots fundraising. A slide presentation of successful case studies will be followed by a discussion of print and web design focusing on how best to collaborate on projects with graphic designers and best practices for creating useful materials. Workshop participants will be encouraged to think about how to tell the story of their work and their organization and how to use design to help that story resonate with their community and funding base.
FACILITATORS: Nadia Khastagir, Sabiha Basrai & William Ramirez

Design Best Practices

Fundraising and Organizing Go Hand in Hand
In this workshop we will look at shared value base of community organizing and fundraising. We will understand the values, principles and skills. In it we make the case that the two share a set of values and principles andthat the same set of skills that make a good organizer also make a good fundraiser. Thus fundraising and community organizing are both necessary and critical in this political moment.
FACILITATORS: Margie Fine & Mario Lugay

Case Statement

10 Main Concepts of Community Organizing

Dive Into Development Planning
There are four parts to fundraising…plan, plan, plan, and work your plan! Learn the steps to creating a successful development plan. We’ll assess your current situation, taking stock of outside factors, examining cash flow, assigning responsibility, and more! Bring your current income and expense statement. Dive into development planning…the water’s fine!
FACILITATORS: Russell Roybal

Mesas Directivas que Recaudan $!
El taller se enfocara sobre el papel importante de la mesa directiva en una organizacion sin fines de lucro. Especialmente en el trabajo de recaudar fondos para las organizaciones.

Moving Away from Fundraising and Towards a Resource Sharing Model Or the 3 R’s: Reciprocal, Re-energizing, Resources
Sick of Fundraising? Tired of advancing relationships were money is the only part? Have heart! Join us in exploring a resource sharing model that will tie an organization’s resource net directly to their base-building efforts in order to develop a relationship between community accountability and basic needs. This model has been workshopped and is now in the early stages of piloting. Our time together today will include presentation of the model, of the workshops already held, and discussion focused on the difference between “resource sharing” and “fundraising.”
FACILITATORS: Kate Eubank, Susan Raffo & David Nicholson

How to Build a Board that Actually Fundraises
This workshop aims to address some of the most common barriers to engaging your board of directors in your fundraising work in meaningful ways. We will explore alternative board structures, political analysis of the important role a board can play, and offer interactive tools that you can bring back to help build the skills and confidence of your board to get out there and raise funds to support your work.
FACILITATORS: Shaun (Sha) Grogan-Brown & Dara Silverman

Prospect ID GFJ Article

Board Fundraising Committment

Board Excercises

Blank Fundraising Worksheet

Fundraising Culture GFJ Article

Four Steps to Building a Fundraising Culture GFJ Article

Authentic Leadership Renewal: Tools for renewing our passion and personal commitment to fundraising for social change.

Tapping into authenticity and wholeness not only make us better fundraisers, they provide techniques, tools, and methods for supporting that part of ourselves that lives beyond the realm of fundraising. When we embrace and utilize our natural tools, we become a powerful linkage to the positive change we want to see in the world. Bring a photo, drawing, or article of a person you believe is an authentic leader, a towel, and a childhood memory.
FACILITATORS: Pam Pompey & LaWana Slackmayfield

Successful Volunteer-Led Fundraising Strategies
A key foundation of successful fundraising is a willing and well-organized team of volunteers. Learn about how to get the most out of a volunteer team, and examples of fundraising strategies (including pledge events, house parties and individual donor campaigns) that volunteers can easily carry out. This session will include specific how-to tips and strategies for building stronger fundraising leadership and participation among your members and volunteers.
FACILITATOR: Stephanie Roth

Creating Spectacular Special Events with Small Budgets: Yes, You Can!
Get beyond any doldrums of planning this year’s event, and recommit yourself to the idea that your event is a value-added piece your overall development plan. This workshop will give you ideas on producing an event with a big impact on a (small) budget. We will exchange of what has and has not worked, while generating new ideas to produce events which help movements gain traction and momentum in the greater community.
FACILITATOR: Laurie Earp, Earp Events & Fundraising

Creating Spectacular Events Workshop Handouts

Large-Dollar Fundraising: Capital Campaigns and Endowments
Do you have a large one-time special project that you need to raise a lot of money for? Come learn about the components and timelines for effective capital, special projects and endowment campaigns and get your questions answered-whether you’ve already embarked on a campaign, or want to find out what you need to do to get ready for one.
FACILITATOR: Mickey MacIntyre

Key Elements of a Successful Capital Campaign

Capital Campaigns: More than Just Money

FRIDAY 10:30 – 12:30

Legacy Giving (a.k.a. Planned Giving) Building Blocks: Attracting Long-Term Support
Is your organization prepared for the inter-generational transfer of wealth? Are you wrestling with how to build your legacy and endowment gift program? Do you feel overwhelmed by planned giving techno-babble? Are you looking for straightforward strategies to engage prospects? This interactive session will provide the steps, tools and methodology to help you build a successful program.
FACILITATOR: Greg Lassonde

Legacy Giving Building Blocks

How Fundraising, Finance and Program Can Work Together
Many people assume that fundraisers sit in one corner of the office and bring in the money, finance people sit in another corner and track the money, and program people go out and spend the money. A little-known secret is that everyone’s job gets easier, and many disasters can be avoided when organizations strategically integrate fundraising, budgetting and program practices. In this session we will explore how to create the systems that can make your organization run more smoothly in hard economic times.

Dashboard Handout

Ideal Budget Cycle Handout

Got Equity?? Revolutionary Redistribution: Engaging Major Donors in Collective Liberation
How can we use our relationships with “major” donors to both generate resources for our organizations and shift systemic class/race power dynamics? How can we provide opportunities for donors to leverage privilege, wealth, and power in support of movements led by poor and working-class people and people of color? We will share our experience building POOR Magazine’s Solidarity Board and discuss opportunities and strategies for engaging people with wealth/privilege in a way that is directly accountable to grassroots movements.
FACILITATORS: Tyrone Boucher & Tiny a.k.a. Lisa Gray-Garcia

Writing to Make a Difference: The Art & Craft of Turning Your Words into Cash
Most of us realize the strategic importance of creating outstanding fundraising materials – both offline and online. We simply can’t afford to misuse our writing opportunities! Based on the 2010 book, “Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact,” this highly interactive and practical workshop will leave you inspired and equipped to write winning fundraising and marketing materials. Bring at least 2 copies of a brief written piece and get constructive feedback on the spot!
FACILITATOR: Dalya Massachi

Recommended Resources

More Stories


Action Items

Raps That Raise Money: Fundraising at Any Gathering
Making a fundraising pitch at a special event, house party, or other gathering is a far more effective technique to raise money than “passing the hat.” In this workshop you will learn practical tips for preparation, making the pitch, and following up to increase your event fundraising by $1,000-$10,000.

Gaining Faith-Based Support
Most faith communities give away money, organize members to work on behalf of mission and take leadership positions on public policy. This workshop will describe some of the structures of congregations, identify what kinds of things organizations can ask for, how to ask, and ways to follow-up. Congregation support strengthens as relationships develop.
FACILITATOR: Mary Ann McGivern

Lotería, Fiestas en Casa, Bailes Comunitarios: el Éxito de los Eventos Organizados por Voluntarios
Usted no tiene el tiempo, el personal o el dinero para organizar una gran gala o subasta para recaudar dinero para su grupo. Sin embargo, hay maneras de juntar a la gente que quiere apoyar a su organización y divertirse. Venga a este taller para obtener algunos consejos sobre la organización de eventos simples que le pueden ayudar a recaudar $1000 a $10,000 para su causa y que pueden ser organizados por un grupo pequeño pero comprometido de voluntarios.
FACILITATOR: Natalia López

Principios de Eventos Exitosos

Funding Social Justice Organizing in the 21st Century
This workshop will explore long and short term strategies on how to create a sustainable movement and infrastructure and explore how philanthropy can strengthen base-building organizations and the “social justice ecosystem” to achieve progressive political victories in the future.
FACILITATORS: Saba Waheed, Mark Randazzo & Christine Ahn

Make That Ask! A Major Donor Clinic
Successful major donor programs have a few key components: finding good prospects, building a fundraising team, developing relationships with your donors, and being prepared to ask for gifts. This workshop will offer tools for starting your major donor program and give you the opportunity to practice making an ask.

Connecting Advocacy, Activism & Fundraising Online and Offline
Gone are the days when your donors were your donors and your activists were your activists. In this session, we’ll explore a successful Jewish Voice for Peace campaign to support UC Berkeley divestment efforts that inspired their online list members to both act and give, and offered their geographically dispersed online community a powerful way to engage with on-the-ground activism in Berkeley. We’ll show you how you can apply what we learned in this campaign to inspire your activists to give, your donors to take action, and your online and offline communities to come together to create change.
FACILITATORS: Nzinga Koné, Sydney Levy & Brian Hiatt


Campaign Check List

FRIDAY 2:20 – 4:20

The Right Business Model for Your Grassroots Organization
Every organization has a strategy for financial viability even it can’t articulate what it is. And these days most community nonprofits are hybrids: we combine many types of both contributed/donated and earned income. This fast-paced workshop begins by helping you create a diagram showing your current revenue strategy, then gives you criteria and a process (using both financial and mission impact indicators) to help you create a comprehensive revenue strategy. In other words, develop your revenue strategy in two hours! 🙂

Nonprofit Sustainability

Punch it Up! Linking Fundraising & Communications
Sometimes facts are not enough. Learn how to describe your work so it speaks not only to the mind but also the heart. Make your work illuminate so your supporters will give eagerly not meagerly. We will also examine different tools and formats to convey your message.
FACILITATOR: Yee Won Chong, Western States Center, GIFT Board

Grassroots Fundraising and Movement Building: Lessons from Our Practice
We know foundation funding isn’t the answer. We know our organizations need deeper roots in our communities and networks to achieve our goals. And many of us are experimenting with grassroots fundraising as a powerful component of our organizing. This interactive discussion will draw upon the experience in the room to draw lessons from our practice. We will explore how we are or could approach fundraising from a movement building perspective to help achieve our political goals and raise the resources we need.
FACILITATORS: Chris Crass, Rachel Herzing & Ari Clemenzi

Workshop Handout

Power in Numbers: Grassroots Members Raising Funds for our Movements
Involving members in raising funds for your non-profit organization is important to the growth and development of your group. It can also become challenging, exhausting, and yield little profit. This workshop will address ideal member-led fundraising strategies, best practices, and learn about successful programs (and even some unsuccessful ones).


Effective Earned Income Strategies
It’s important to do grassroots fundraising, but the typical nonprofit’s largest source of funding isn’t donations or grants-it’s earned income from the sales of mission-related services and goods. Come learn the basics of developing and implementing earned income strategies that work for your group’s needs. Then, test out your ideas!

Earned Income Overview

Earned Income Workshop Handouts

Giving Models in Communities of Color
The Art Of Giving is a decolonized model of giving, receiving, & sharing in Native communities. The philanthropic, fundraising curriculum and training honors culture, promotes purpose, encourages inter-generational and inter-tribal participation and embraces the universal elements that connect all of life. The Ujamaa Institute is an African-American participant led organization, which focuses on developing young and diverse donors of color.
FACILITATORS: Pam Pompey, Roxanne Gould & James Rock History

Recaudar Fondos: La Chispa de Su Mensaje y Practica de Pedir Dinero
Este taller tiene dos enfoques. El primero es como crear las bases necesarias para que todos en su organización efectivamente recauden fondos. La segunda parte se enfoca en enseñar los principales básicos de pedir dinero y ponerlos en practica.
FACILITATOR: Cristina R. González

Fundraising When U.S. Foreign Policy is Not on Your Side
This informative and interactive workshop will discuss both the challenges of and opportunities for fundraisers whose organizations focus on often unpopular international issues that do not align with US foreign policy. Using three areas – Palestine, the anti-war movement, movements in one’s own country of origin – we will discuss how diaspora communities and allies can successfully fundraise for movements and issues abroad.

The Personal Touch: Cultivating and Upgrading Donors (Advanced Level)
There’s a common misconception in fundraising that in order to raise significant gifts from individual donors, you need to know rich people. Come learn how you can grow your individual donor program – and raise more money from your donors at ALL giving levels – by creating more opportunities for contact and engagement with your supporters.

Beginning of the (Year) End: What you can do starting right now to prepare for a successful year-end fundraising campaign online
The end (of the year) is coming – are you ready? Come learn about how you can make the most of the year-end fundraising season, starting right now. We’ll share some of the lessons we’ve learned and show you how you can use social networks, mobile fundraising, Google ads (and Google grants), email and web to bring in more dollars from more donors than ever before. We’ll share case studies to show what works and what doesn’t, and answer all your questions on the strategies, technologies, and techniques that can make the last two weeks in December the most wonderful time of the fundraising year (as long as you start soon!).
FACILITATORS:  Will Valverde, Heather Buchheim & David Taylor

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