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“The Money for Our Movements conference is the only space of its kind to bring together leading fundraisers to share skills and innovate on the future growth of fundraising.  My confidence as a fundraiser grows exponentially in my ability to make the asks and to build partnerships that have never existed before for resourcing Native communities. I highly recommend the investment to grow your community’s confidence and skills to be bold in taking action for the changes our communities need to thrive.”

~ Johnny Buck (Yakama/Wanapum), Native Youth Leadership Alliance Co-Founder

The 2014 Money for Our Movements Accessibility Team Created a VLOG–check it out:

You can watch 2012 conference highlights, the debate on the Occupy Movement, and keynote speeches by Saru Jayaraman, Attica Woodson Scott, and Kim Klein by clicking here.


2014 Money for Our Movements Planning Committees

Host Committee

Rachael Coleman Gibson, Mosaica

Jose Dominguez, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

Mazi Mutafa, Words, Beats & Life

Jennifer Pelton, Public Justice Center

Brigette Rouson, Diverse City Fund

Tricia Rubacky, Open Society Institute-Baltimore

Adwoa Spencer, CASA de Maryland

Jed Weeks, Open Society Institute-Baltimore

Accessibility Committee

Marta Alvarado,  Consultant

Rachel Bass, Consultant

Nan Jessup, GIFT

Jonathan McMillan, Consultant

Alex Nelson, ConsiderIt Communications

Tamar Jackson Nelson, ConsiderIt Communications

Kriston Pumphrey, Consultant

Viviana Rennella, Consultant

Program Advisory Committee

Yee Won Chong, Western States Center

Ryan Li Dahlstrom, GIFT

Ellen Gurzinsky, Window Box Consulting

Helen Ho, Consultant

Sadia Kalam, Cause Effective

Braeden Lentz, Urban Justice Center

Natalia Lopez, Consultant

Pam Pompey, Consultant

Uma Rao, Technology Access Foundation

Alfonso Wenker, Minnesota Council on Foundations

Ari Wohlfeiler, Jewish Voice for Peace

Fundraising & Resourcing Committee

Jennifer Emiko Boyden, GIFT

Amadee Braxton, Dragonfly Partners

Rory Brown, Consultant

Allison Budaschalow, Media Mobilizing Project

Marjorie Fine, Consultant

Laurene Francois, GIFT

Priscilla Hung, Community Partners

Ife Kilimanjaro, East Michigan Environmental Action Council

Sophia Kizilbash, Native Youth Leadership Alliance

Tanya Mote, Su Teatro

Christa Orth, Wingo, Inc.

Adriana Rocha, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services

Stephanie Roth, Klein & Roth Consulting