2008 GIFT Conference Workshops

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Politics & New Models

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Grassroots Youth: Resources for Youth Movements Some of the most innovative and exciting grassroots fundraising efforts were spurred by youth in social change movements. This session is aimed at engaging both youth and adult allies in a conversation and interactive session exploring youth innovation in grassroots fundraising and the role that grassroots fundraising plays in providing resources to youth vision. Representatives from youth organizations of varying sizes and stages of development will share their experience and specific techniques to both engage youth in and support youth leadership of grassroots fundraising. This session will combine panel discussion with hands-on participation.   Sagnicthe Salazar,
Youth Together
Beyond the Debate: Fundraising & Movement-Building In this interactive process, we’ll think together about some hard questions: How has the nonprofit and capitalist culture of organizing affected our work? What are alternative ways to resource our movement (including alternatives to nonprofits)? How can we practice in our day-to-day lives and in our fundraising-organizing work our collective vision of a just, sustainable world?  

Chris Crass, Catalyst Project

Rachel Herzing, Critical Resistance & Left Turn Magazine

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Racism & Racial Dynamics in Fundraising: For People of Color Only!/ El Racismo y Dinámicas Raciales en la Recaudación de Fondos: ¡Solamente para Gente de Color! (English with Spanish interpretation) Racism is an elephant in the room that’s rarely talked about in fundraising. Join us for a conversation about our experiences as people of color doing fundraising work. What challenges have we faced? How can we work together with other people of color to support one another in this work? How do we confront racism while building solidarity with white folks to achieve our common goals for social justice?El racismo es el tema tabú del cual casi nunca se habla en la recaudación de fondos. Participa con nosotros en una conversación sobre nuestras experiencias como gente de color trabajando en la recaudación de fondos. ¿Que desafíos hemos enfrentado? ¿Como podemos trabajar juntos con otras personas de color para apoyarnos mutuamente en este trabajo? ¿Como enfrentamos el racismo mientras que nos extendemos en solidaridad con la gente blanca para poder lograr los objetivos de justicia social que tenemos en común?   Dolores Garay, Consultant



Racism and Racial Dynamics in Fundraising: A Discussion for White Folks This is an opportunity for white people to examine the ways in which racism plays out in fundraising. Together we will reflect on our role in the race dynamic, and discuss ways to challenge racism in all aspects of our work. This will be a facilitated discussion, so please bring your questions, experiences and ideas to share.  

Stephanie Roth, Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT)

Ellen Gurzinsky, Funders for Lesbian & Gay Issues




Fundraising in Rural Communities Join us for a participatory workshop about the fundraising challenges and opportunities that face organizations in rural communities. Not all rural communities are the same, but there are some key differences in the environments we work in compared to urban areas. Given these differences, which fundraising strategies work for us and which ones can be adapted to fit our needs? How do we deal with smaller populations, greater distances, strained resources, and a history of wealth being extracted and people moving to cities? Participants will have a chance to tell the story of their most successful fundraising activities, and be inspired by what is working for other groups in rural areas across North America .  

Craig White, Center for Participatory Change

Vernon Kahe, Hopi Education Endowment Fund

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Creating a Fundraising Philosophy Most organizations know that they should have a gift acceptance policy or investment criteria. But few have an overall written fundraising philosophy—we raise money where we can to do the work that needs to be done. However, this lack of a coherent progressive philosophy is leading us down a destructive path as programs which should be funded by taxes suffer cuts and replace their funding with foundation grants, or organizations that should be funded by individuals turn to earned income instead. Many of these organizations wind up going out of business altogether, decreasing the services available to the community. In this workshop, we will discuss how organizations can develop a fundraising philosophy, and how such a philosophy can lead an organization to raise more money.  

Kim Klein, Klein & Roth Consulting

Robby Rodriguez, SouthWest Organizing Project(SWOP)

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Boards & Teams

Workshop   Faculty
Not Your Mother’s Workshop on Fundraising & Boards Many, even most, boards don’t fundraise well. We will explore effective strategies for building boards that do. We’ll consider different types of board structures; the roles and responsibilities of board members; barriers to fundraising success and how to overcome them.   Jan Masaoka, Blue Avocado
Power in Numbers: Grassroots Members Raising Funds for the Movement

This will be a political education and skills-building workshop to show staff, board and members of grassroots groups why and how fundraising from the bottom up is the most important way to resource our movement. By looking at how poor and middle class people’s dollars keep corporations and the elite afloat, we will explore our own resistance to raising money within our communities and find ways to transcend this resistance for the collective good.
  Rona Fernandez, Californians for Justice
From Vexation to Vision: Transforming Common Fundraising Challenges into a Vision of Social Justice Fundraising Feeling frustrated and alone as a fundraiser? Looking for creativity and vision for your organizations’ fundraising? Come to this session to see how to develop a shared vision for integrating social change work into your fundraising and figure out how to get from where we are to where we want to be. If fundraising is part – or all – of your job, this workshop is for you.  

Nicole Branch, Youth Together

Melissa White, Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC)

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The Bizarre Love Triangle: Fundraising, Program,
& Finance
Many people assume that fundraisers sit in one corner of the office and bring in the money, finance people sit in another corner and track the money and program people go out and spend the money! Come to this session to see why this paradigm is wrong, and what you can do to set up systems for a more sustainable organization.
  Byron Johnson, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services



Turning Volunteers into Fabulous Fundraisers Fundraising is a crucial part of grassroots organizing, but it is certainly not seen as the most glamorous task. Through an interactive game, learn about some success stories and innovative strategies for how to engage volunteers in fundraising, and make it something they actually enjoy! We’ll share some lessons from international solidarity as well as community-based organizations, discuss common barriers that prevent volunteers from doing fundraising, and provide some how-to materials and creative ideas for you to take back with you. Bring stories to share of successes and of challenges you’re facing.  

Sha Grogan-Brown,
Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)

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Who’s Up Next?: Fundraising Implications & Opportunities with Leadership Transitions Organizational leadership in the nonprofit sector is at a highpoint of transition. The Building Movement Project has worked diligently on understanding this phenomenon while helping organizations strategize how to continually sustain themselves through these hard times. Come to this session to hear about their work on leadership transitions and how fundraising strategies continue to change with generational leadership transition.  

Helen Kim, GIFT Board and Building Movement Project

Frances Kunreuther, Building Movement Project

Caroline McAndrews, Building Movement Project


Giving & Philanthropy

Workshop   Faculty

Flipping the Script: Philanthropy in Communities of Color

Learn how people of color are reinvigorating generations-old models of giving, and changing mainstream assumptions about ‘philanthropy’ in the United States . Identify your community’s existing fundraising models and find ways to create more grassroots ownership of your organization.


Darryl Lester, Hindsight Consulting & the NGAAP (Next Generation of African-Americans in Philanthropy) Fund

Stephanie Yang, SYD Consulting


Trends in Foundation Funding

As the social justice movement looks towards equalizing wealth in the U.S. and globally, having a critical eye on the role of foundations within a democracy is vital. This session will look at recent trends in foundation funding that are most relevant for social justice and community organizations, including: the exponential growth of mega-foundations whose giving exceeds the gross domestic product of the poorest countries in the world and the severe decrease in funding for people of color organizations and for those working on racial justice issues.


Christine Ahn, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Melissa Johnson, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Lawrence T. McGill, The Foundation Center

Download NCRP’s Comments on Grantmaker Responsiveness to Diverse Communities




Fundraising Systems

Workshop   Faculty
Evaluating Your Fundraising Results How do you know what fundraising success is, beyond whether or not you raised your budget? What do you want to look at when doing a year-end evaluation to inform your next year’s fundraising plan? How can you use the evaluation process to assess and strengthen your Board/staff/volunteer capacity to reach out on your organization’s behalf? This session will provide you with tools and tips to help you better understand how well your fundraising is going, so you can build on your success going forward. We will focus on individual donor strategies such as direct mail, special events, and major gift campaigns, as well as the more elusive “indirect fundraising goals” which affect your organization’s long-term capacity to increase your fundraising returns, and also touch briefly on evaluating your foundation fundraising program.  

Judy Levine, Cause Effective

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What’s new in Online Fundraising – Exploring Online Social Technologies & Fundraising In this session, you’ll learn about what’s new in the world of social networking sites and donation portals. We’ll also explore what makes communications effective online, who’s your target audience and how to reach them.   Kwame Tsikata, Progressive Technology Project
How to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Database How can your fundraising database help you raise more money? What information should you track about your donors in order to inform your strategy for approaching and cultivating your donors? If you’re collecting the right kind of information, your database can be an amazing tool in developing a stronger fundraising program. Come learn what your database should tell you and how you can make better use of this increasingly important piece of technology.  

Robert L. Weiner, Consultant

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Fundraising Skills & Strategies

Workshop   Faculty
Conducting an Annual Canvass Have you ever had to go door to door or phonebank for your cause? These are key strategies to building a solid donor base for your organization – ensuring your ability to sustain the work much longer than any grant. Come to this session to see some successful models of leaving fundraising at your computer behind – and getting back to basics with connecting one on one with potential donors.   Janet Upadhye, San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR)
Build, Adapt, Restore, Invest, Achieve — Capital Campaigns for Grassroots Groups (Advanced Level) Do you have a large one-time project – such as purchasing or renovating a building, buying a new computer system, or starting an endowment – that you need to raise a lot of money for? A capital campaign is an intensive fundraising effort designed to meet a specific financial goal for a large one-time expenditure that is above and beyond your annual income needs. Come learn about the components and timelines for effective capital campaigns, and get your questions answered – whether you’ve already embarked on a campaign, or want to find out what you need to do to get ready for one.  

Mickey MacIntyre, realChange Partners, LLC

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Communications & Fundraising: Enhancing the Relationship The focus of this session will be on the intersection of fundraising & communications – e.g., messaging and its importance for both fundraising and communicating with your constituencies; the materials and tools organizations need to promote their work and enhance their fundraising. Additionally, we will look at the role of annual reports, websites, brochures, etc. This session will help you to get the word out about your work to the folks who should know about you (not just the media).  

Kevin Cartwright, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

Rosi Reyes, Consultant

The Personal Touch: Cultivating and Upgrading Donors There’s a common misconception in fundraising that in order to raise significant gifts from individual donors, you need to know rich people. Come learn how you can grow your individual donor program – and raise more money from your donors at ALL giving levels – by creating more opportunities for contact and engagement with your supporters.   Sonya Garcia Ulibarri, YouthBiz


Power and Politics: Developing and Funding a New Voter Program We will focus on how to develop and fund a new and/or existing voter program. The exciting 2008 primary and upcoming presidential election is just one of the recent developments that have prompted all types of organizations to consider adding an electoral component to their work. Community organizations are determining that involvement in the political process is key to shifting power, and are thinking about how to engage in the electoral process. Developing a strong fundraising plan is critical to running an effective voter program since it can be very resource intensive. This workshop will review the different types of voter work your organization can engage in, how to integrate it into your on-going work and core mission, and how to develop a realistic budget and fundraising plan.

  Paul Getsos
Dive Into Development Planning/ Sumérjase en los Planes de Desarrollo Financiero (English with Spanish interpretation)There are four parts to fundraising…plan, plan, plan, and work your plan! Learn the steps to creating a successful development plan. We’ll assess your current situation, taking stock of outside factors, examining cash flow, assigning responsibility, and more! Bring your current income and expense statement. Dive into development planning…the water’s fine!Existen cuatro partes en la recaudación… ¡prepara, prepara, prepara, y prepara un plan! Aprende los pasos para crear un plan de desarrollo efectivo. ¡Consideraremos la situación actual de tu organización, estudiando los factores externos, examinando el flujo de capital, asignando responsabilidad, y más! Traiga su estado de cuenta y de ingresos. Sumérjase en el desarrollo de planes ¡el agua esta tibia!  

Russell Roybal, GIFT Board and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

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Recaudación de Fondos para Organizadores y Personal de Programación (en español) Tu eres un organizador o personal de programación en tu organización y has escuchado que la recaudación de fondos y el trabajo de organización comunitaria deben ser mejor integrados. ¿Que quiere decir esto y como podemos llevarlo a cabo sin agregar más trabajo a la gran pila de responsabilidades que ya tienes? Ven a este taller tan emocionante a donde recibirás consejos prácticos para poder aprovechar las oportunidades dentro de tu trabajo organizativo para recaudar fondos – que sorprendentemente también puede fortalecer los programas.  

Mauricio Castro, North Carolina Latino Coalition

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“Can You Hear Me Now”?: Communicating the Power of Organizing to Donors and Funders Communicating the compelling story of organizing to donors and funders has been perplexing savvy organizers, development staff and executive directors for a long time. This interactive workshop will describe the major types of individual donors who are prospects for supporting community organizing. We will also report on findings from 150 one-on-ones with donors and funders and results of an on line survey and address race and class issues that might be barriers to organizers forging relationships with donors and funders.  

Marjorie Fine,
The Linchpin Campaign, a project of Center for Community Change

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Making the Case for Membership Dues For organizations that do organizing work with a constituency (that is, where the emphasis of the engagement with a constituency is not a financial one), why is it important that members pay dues? What are advantages and challenges of involving members in fundraising? We’ll answer these questions and look at effective strategies for getting members to pay their dues.   Mary Kay Harris, Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE)
Starting at Home: A Grassroots Fundraising Strategy Session for Immigrant-Led Organizations/ Como Comenzar en la Casa: Una Sesión de Estrategias para Recaudar Fondos al Nivel de Base para Organizaciones con Liderazgo de Inmigrantes (English with Spanish interpretation) This session will offer organizers, fundraisers, community leaders, and board members from immigrant-led organizations a space to share our successful models of raising money from our community for our community. All groups are encouraged to come with one fundraising strategy and one fundraising challenge to share with the group. Together we will find new ideas and solutions.Esta sesión les ofrecerá a organizadores, recaudadores de fondos, líderes comunitarios y miembros de mesas directivas de organizaciones dirigidas por inmigrantes un espacio para compartir nuestros modelos más efectivos para recaudar dinero de nuestras comunidades para el beneficio de ellas mismas. Les recomendamos a todos que vengan con una estrategia y un desafió en la recaudación de fondos para compartir con el grupo. Juntos encontraremos nuevas ideas y soluciones.  

Andrea Lee, Mujeres Unidas y Activas

Torm Nompraseurt, Laotian Organizing Project of Asian Pacific Environmental Network

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Direct Mail Fundraising: Is it Right for You? (Advanced Level) If you’ve moved beyond the beginning stages of individual donor fundraising, and are wondering if it makes sense to invest more resources in direct mail, this workshop is for you. We’ll address how much direct mail acquisition makes sense, as response rates drop and the cost of sending direct mail increases. You’ll learn what types of organizations do best with direct mail, when more personalized acquisition methods are necessary, and how critical your cultivation, renewal, and major donor programs really are to ensuring a successful direct mail program.  

Amy O’Connor, Integrated Development Consulting

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Grassroots Fundraising 101: Back to Basics (Intro Level)

You are just starting out and your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to help raise money for your beloved organization. What are the most important things you need to know? What should you do first? How can you feel more confident about asking for money? This session will focus on the steps you need to take to start raising money from individuals in your community.


  Judy Hatcher, Environmental Support Center
Una Introducción Básica a la Recaudación de Fondos para Grupos de Base (nivel de introducción) (en español) Estas comenzando a establecerte y tu deber, si decides aceptarlo, es ayudar a recaudar fondos para tu organización tan querida. ¿Que son las cosas más importantes que debes saber? ¿Que debes hacer primero? ¿Como puedes adquirir confianza en ti mismo para pedir dinero? Esta sesión se enfocara en los pasos que debes tomar para comenzar a recaudar fondos de individuos en tu comunidad.  

Marta Segura, Consultant

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Lotería, fiestas en casa, bailes comunitarios: el éxito de los eventos organizados por voluntaries (en español) Usted no tiene el tiempo, el personal o el dinero para organizar una gran gala o subasta para recaudar dinero para su grupo. Sin embargo, hay maneras de juntar a la gente que quiere apoyar a su organización y divertirse. Venga a este taller para obtener algunos consejos sobre la organización de eventos simples que le pueden ayudar a recaudar $1,000 a $10,000 para su causa y que pueden ser organizados por un grupo pequeño pero comprometido de voluntarios.   Natalia López, Consultant
Make that Ask! A Major Donor Clinic

To have a successful major donor program you need to find good prospects, build a fundraising team, develop relationships with your donors, and be prepared to ask for a gift. This workshop will offer tools for increasing your major donor program and give you a chance to practice making an ask.

Nisha Anand, Consultant

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Raising Money with Email

You’ve read about all the money groups are raising online but haven’t yet figured out how to make it work for your small, grassroots organization that doesn’t have dedicated IT staff. Come learn what you can do to start raising more money online, and most importantly, how improving your email communications can make a difference.

Madeline Stanionis, Watershed Company

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Planned Giving (Advanced Level) What are the first steps to creating a successful planned giving program, especially for social justice orgs? In this workshop, we’ll talk about the process for deciding whether to start a planned giving program, what the program might look like, and how to define and ensure its success. We will also talk about the challenges and barriers that smaller social justice and grassroots groups might have to address if they were to venture into this area and explore some of the potential ways to address these challenges.   Byron Johnson, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services
Raps That Raise Money: Fundraising at Any Gathering

Making a fundraising pitch at a special event, house party, or other gathering is a far more effective technique to raise money than “passing the hat.” In this workshop you will learn practical tips for preparation, making the pitch and following up to increase your event fundraising by $1,000–$10,000.

Mark Toney, TURN Consumer Advocates

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Capitalism for Anti-Capitalists: Using Earned Income to Fund Your Organization/ Capitalismo para Anti-Capitalistas: Como Usar los Ingresos de su Trabajo para Financiar su Organización (English with Spanish interpretation) Got an idea for a nonprofit business? Want to learn how to charge for your organization’s expertise? Across the nonprofit community, the largest source of funding isn’t grants or donations — it’s earned income from the sales of mission-related services and goods. In this session, we’ll cover the basics — then it’s your turn to test out your ideas.¿Tiene alguna idea para comenzar un negocio con su organización sin fines de lucro? ¿Quiere aprender como cobrar por la destreza del personal de su organización? A lo largo de la comunidad de organizaciones sin fines de lucro, la mayor fuente de financiamiento no proviene de becas o donaciones – si no del ingreso de las ventas de servicios y mercancías relacionadas a la misión de la organización. En esta sesión, repasaremos los puntos básicos – y después le viene su turno para probar sus ideas.  

Andy Robinson, Consultant & Author

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Special Events: Celebrate Your Victories and Raise Money Doing It! Special events are a fun and rewarding way to increase visibility for your organization, build your donor base and raise unrestricted funds. Come learn about ways to increase the fundraising potential of your events (beyond ticket sales), from sponsorships, silent auctions and raffles, program book ads and in-kind donations. We’ll also talk about building a strong team of board, staff and members, to organize a successful event.  

Elmer Roldan, Community Coalition

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Raising Local Money for International Causes U.S. based fundraisers are provided unique opportunities and face particular challenges when raising money for international issues. In this session, panelists will focus on best practices, suitable for small and large organizations, such as using traditional and online networking, tours/delegations, special events, and federated giving to acquire, renew, and upgrade donors.  

Kristen Cashmore, Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala

Karolo Aparicio, International Rivers

Robert Hurst, Pacific Environment

Ana María Murillo, HOMEY

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Not Just for Universities: Building Alumni Giving in Social Justice OrganizationsUniversities are masters at alumni giving, and few social justice groups seem to have adapted these ideas for their own base of program participants and graduates. In this workshop, seasoned and emerging social justice organizations will give insight into how they cultivate lasting relationships with their base of program participants/graduates, former staff, and board. This will be a panel discussion followed by a “how-to portion” in which you can begin to write an alumni fundraising plan for your organization, and share ideas for success.   Raquel Bernaldo, Just Communities Central CoastDanielle Mahones, Center for Third World Organizing [CTWO]

Chauniqua Young, East Bay Community Law Center

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Mesas Directivas que Recaudan $! (en español) Muchas, casi todas, las mesas directivas no recaudan fondos muy bien. Vamos a explorar estrategias efectivas para formar mesas directivas que si pueden hacerlo. Consideraremos diferentes tipos de estructuras para la mesa directiva; los papeles y responsabilidades de los miembros de la mesa; la barreras que se enfrentan y como superarlas para lograr éxito en su recaudación de fondos.   Sara Mendoza, Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance

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