Dear Conference Attendee,

Thank you for coming to be with us here in Atlanta for the 7th biennial Money for Our Movements: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference.

To be sure, the last year has been very challenging for so many of our communities.

While our resolve has been tested, our creative resistance and the resilience of our movements have only deepened.

We come here to grow and learn from each other, and most important to be present with one another, building a community of fellow travelers in movements for justice.

We share a common calling in our movements, which most people call fundraising, but which we at GIFT understand as the broader work of resource mobilizing. This includes not only effective asking, but also building self-sustaining projects where our communities can control their own economic destiny. This year, you’ll be exploring conversations at the conference that encompass both of these.

This year, we’re introducing a new track of curated workshops called “Solidarity Economies.” We recognize that in communities all across the world, people are coming together to imagine and test the building blocks of a more just and sustainable economy. A set of principles is emerging from these projects, consistent with those of many of our justice movements.

Solidarity Economy principles:

  • solidarity, cooperation, mutualism
  • equity in all dimensions (e.g., race, ethnicity, nationality, class, and gender, etc.)
  • participatory democracy
  • sustainability
  • pluralism

We hope that the new workshops get you thinking more expansively about how we’re generating money for our movements.

We hope that throughout the conference, you continue to think on what this Movement Moment asks of us as resource mobilizers. Ask yourself: “What questions will I explore here? What skills will I learn and practice here?”

We hope that in being here with us, you discover new resolve for the work ahead.  Fill your cup with love, inspiration, and new learning from your GIFT family. Have a great conference!

With Love & In Solidarity,

Vero & Jeff