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September/October 2012, Vol. 31 No.5

Living & Learning in Fundraising

My Biggest Mistakes. Kim Klein shares the three biggest mistakes that she has repeatedly made in her 30+ year career in fundraising, providing important lessons for new and seasoned fundraisers alike.

Brown Bois Building a Sustainable Future by Dolores Chandler & B. Cole. The Brown Boi Project has its program participants learn fundraising through an innovative, hands-on coaching circle model that develops participants’ skills, while raising money for the organization. Read about how it works and what participants get out of it.

Fundraising from Our Roots: A Skill Share from the Young Women’s Empowerment Project by C Angel Torres, Naima Paz, Daphnie Williams, Dominique McKinney, & Shira Hassan. Young Women’s Empowerment Project is a membership organization led by young women of color impacted by the sex trade and street economy. Learn how they implement their fundraising philosophy by supporting authentic grassroots leadership and the participation of young people in fundraising.

Translating Training to Culture Change: Two Case Studies by Priscilla Hung & Steve Lew. Ever struggled to apply what you learn at fundraising trainings? Learn from two organizations, Center for the Pacific Asian Family and Self-Help Graphics & Art, that participated in the Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color about how they leveraged the training program to build a stronger fundraising team, shift their organizational culture around fundraising, and raise more money.

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