Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color

The Los Angeles Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color (FACC) is accepts applications from nonprofits based in communities of color who are actively working to strengthen their fundraising capabilities, financial resources, and mission impact.

More than 100 organizations have benefited from the Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color in Los Angeles, through which they’ve acquired the critical awareness, skills, and systems that develop donor relationships and giving. Qualified applicants are people of color who have some fundraising responsibilities in their organizations and are supported to take more fundraising leadership as they acquire new skills and effectiveness.

This program is offered by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training and Community Partners. We raise 90% of the funds to make this seven month program accessible to community based organizations and are grateful to the California Community Foundation, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Weingart Foundation, and the California Wellness Foundation for their support of the academy.

Complete program information and a link to the application is at:


Download the FACC 2014 Program Fact Sheet.


This skills building program for people of color led nonprofits focuses upon donor development within a multicultural learning setting. Offered by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT), the academy includes dynamic training, one on one coaching and peer learning so that executive directors, development staff and board members can create new fundraising practices within their organization and better results in drawing community support. The academy has helped over 90 people of color led nonprofits in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area to raise the funds they need in a more sustainable way, through diversifying sources and building strong relationships with community donors. Through the generous support of the Community Leadership Project, the California Community Foundation, the California Endowment and the James Irvine Foundation, a majority of the costs are subsidized in order to make the academy financially accessible to community nonprofits.

“When I was in the academy I was a new ED who needed more knowledge and skills to raise money for the Bayview YMCA. Over the last 4 years, we grew the budget from 500k to 5 million. I know that the tools, practice and confidence building I acquired from the Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color helped to make this happen”.

-Gina Fromer, Executive Director
Bayview Hunters Point YMCA

August 2009

The Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color presents:

Opportunities for Nonprofits within Los Angeles Communities of Color

Fund Development Strategies and Capacity Building Needs

Download it today to learn about the fundraising needs and challenges of social service and social justice organizations based in communities of color in Los Angeles.


The 2008 academy was for organizations in Monterey, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Benito, and Santa Cruz counties (CA)