Spectacular Special Events

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These are 11 of the best Journal articles on special events. Learn how events can raise money AND inspire your constituents.

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The Details of Special Events: How to be an Event Jedi by Ali Vogt
The key to smoothly running special events is to be compulsive about details. Event consultant and producer Ali Vogt shows how to have the Force be with you.

Budgeting for Special Events by Lauren Goldstein
How do you know if your special event will raise money? This excerpt from The Special Events Toolbox provides thorough instruction for how to create a budget for your events, real-life examples, and a helpful checklist.

Tips on Working with Special Events Consultants by Ron Wong
Is it time to turn your events over to an event planner? Event producer Ron Wong explains what to look for and how to work with a consultant.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing a Fundraising Dinner by Mimi Ho
Plan carefully, pay attention to detail, and involve a group of enthusiastic volunteers and you can find success – building community and raising money – from this ever popular fundraising strategy.

How to Produce (and Raise Money From) an Ad Journal by Stephanie Roth
Selling ads to local businesses, corporations, vendors, donors and nonprofit allies – and printing them in your special event’s program book – is a great way to generate additional revenue for your event.  Stephanie Roth tells you how to do it.

Don’t Just Stand There, Say Something! by Kim Klein
Events are an important time for board and staff members to meet and get to know the organization’s supporters and constituents.  However, too often, they spend most of their time talking to each other.   Kim Klein provides tips for helping board and staff understand that a key role for them is to meet and talk to as many people as they can, and to help strengthen relationships between the organization and its supporters.

11 Steps to a Great Donor Cultivation Event by Jean Van’t Hul
Here’s another way to create a personal connection with your donors. Jean Van’t Hul shows how events can be used to bring donors closer to your organization-and bring you closer to your donors.

After the Lights Go Out: Turning Your Special Event into Future Gold by Gail Metzger

If you think the end of your special event means the end of your work on it, think again. Here are ways to increase your event’s fundraising potential- after the event is over.


The Evolution of an Annual Auction: A Case Study by Kristine Albrecht and Christiane Carman
Two volunteer fundraising coordinators built an auction event into a six-figure fundraising success. They tell you how.

Gentlemen Concerned: A Fun Event Raising Serious Funds by Gil Gerald
Gil Gerald shows how a small group of volunteers raised thousands of dollars each year through an annual party, then donated the funds to the serious business of providing for people with HIV/AIDS.

Racing for Fundraising by Shelana deSilva
Putting on its own version of the TV reality show “Amazing Race,” a queer rights group in New York City has created a fun, frantic, and unforgettable fundraising event.

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