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How Small Groups Can Raise BIG Money: Have you ever thought, “If only we had our own building? Or, “If only we could create a reserve fund to get us through our lean times? Or “If only we had the money to build a health clinic or theater or new school?” You will be surprised at how much money you can raise, using the skills you already have, without a lot of front money. This workshop is for organizations with budgets under $750,000. Learn how a grassroots agency with a budget of $300,000 raised $1,000,000 for a building, or how an environmental group with a budget of $600,000 formed a coalition to raise $15 million to save a forest. You will learn how to plan and implement a capital campaign that works for your small organization. You will understand capital campaign concepts like feasibility studies, lead gifts, naming opportunities and how or whether they apply to your situation. You will know how to proceed and what to watch out for and how to recruit a fundraising team to help you. PDF of PowerPoint slides with mp3 Audio File $20 buy this now

On Being a Consultant: In this webinar, Kim Klein shares secrets of her success as a consultant. Learn from what she does well, and mistakes that she made. Consulting is a wonderful way to make a living, and does not have to be so fraught with feast or famine. Kim discusses how to market yourself, how to set fair fees (to you and the clients), how much to do for free, and when to say no. PDF of PowerPoint slides with mp3 Audio File $20 buy this now

Recruit 4 Great New Board Members in the Next 4 Months: A GIFT & Blue Avocado Webinar Featuring Jan Masaoka. Board recruitment discussions usually start with the tired question, “Who do we know?” Instead, Jan will show you how to start with your organization’s “Critical Path” to get to a recruitment and action agenda for the board. You’ll learn how to get names of the right people and how to approach them. We’ll tackle some difficult questions such as whether and how to recruit people of different races or educational backgrounds, whether to have clients or parents (or other direct beneficiaries) on the board, and whether to have fundraising or donation requirements. We’ll also go over some practical pieces such as what questions to ask possible recruits, accelerating the recruitment/approval process, and how to reject candidates. PDF of PowerPoint slides with mp3 Audio File $20 buy this now

The Missing Middle: Building a Strong Mid-Level Donor Program with Stephanie Roth. Many organizations are able to maintain a strong direct mail, email and events-based fundraising program that brings in lots of small donations. They’re also able to keep up with the relatively small number of donors giving much larger gifts-over $2,500 for example-with visits, calls and other personal attention. This webinar will address an often neglected group of donors and potential donors-those who can give between $250 and $2,500-why they’re an important source of support, how to identify prospects in this range, and the best strategies for building those relationships. PDF of PowerPoint slides with mp3 Audio File $20 buy this now

Successful Fundraising in Uncertain Times with Kim Klein: In this webinar, Kim Klein clarifys how the current state of the economy is affecting nonprofits, and provides you with a process for weathering any storm. You’ll learn how to: Set up and maintain a disciplined and systematic fundraising program that is predictable and manageable; maintain relationships with current donors; and find new donors without spending a fortune. Coming soon!

How to Work with Boards (Even Though Boards Don’t Work) with Kim Klein: The most common complaint in all nonprofits is “Our board doesn’t do fundraising.” Each organization thinks that if they only did something differently, or recruited different people, the board would start doing fundraising. After 25 years of hearing this complaint over and over, Kim Klein thinks that the way boards are designed and structured is the source of this problem. However, there are a few ways to get the board on board. In this webinar, Kim will briefly discuss the problems inherent in the structure of boards, then offer several ideas for making your board do more fundraising and be more effective. These are not “Ten easy solutions.” Getting a board on board takes work, but it is worth it. All are welcome to this webinar, but it is designed particularly for development staff. Coming soon!

Fundraising in Rural Communities: In this webinar, Kim looks at the challenges and opportunities present in small towns and rural communities. She talks about the many different kinds of rural communities and how they can raise money from people both inside and outside their geographic area. This webinar includes a number of interesting case studies. Coming soon!

About GIFT Webinar Trainers

“The slides were perfect. This was the first and only webinar that I have participated in that I was not bored to death and I hung on every word. Most webinars are sooo boring that I just tune out and start doing something else while “listening.” Not so with t his presenter. It was as if she was in the room with us!”

~Andrea C. Arthur, Virginia Community Healthcare Association

Stan Yogi has over 20 years experience with non-profit organizations in fundraising and grantmaking.  For more than 13 years, he was Director of Planned Giving at the ACLU of Northern California, where he was also responsible for securing foundation grants and raising major annual gifts.  Prior to joining the ACLU staff, he was a Program Officer for the California Council for the Humanities, a statewide organization which awards grants for cultural and educational programs.

Stan has raised funds as a board member of social justice organizations, including the Horizons Foundations (the San Francisco Bay Area’s LGBT community foundation), where he was Board President. He also served on the board of Northern California Grantmakers.  He is the co-author (with Elaine Elinson) of the award-winning book Wherever There’s a Fight: How Runaway Slaves, Suffragists, Immigrants, Strikers, and Poets Shaped Civil Liberties in California(Heyday, 2009). Stan recently joined Klein and Roth Consulting as a Senior Consultant.


Tanya Mayo has spent the last two decades in the nonprofit field as an educator, administrator and capacity-builder. Her most recent position as Director of Capacity Building at San Francisco’s Department of Children, Youth and their Families, was a unique opportunity to draw from her vast experience in training and non-profit systems and infrastructure. As former Executive Director of Loco Bloco Drum and Dance Ensemble, Program Director at the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, and National Organizer for Not In Our Name, Tanya has had numerous opportunities to build individual donor programs and with the help of amazing staff, board and volunteers has pulled off some fabulous fundraisers to help nonprofits and social justice movements grow.


FIERCE is a membership-based organization building the leadership and power of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth of color in New York City.  We develop politically conscious leaders who are invested in improving ourselves and our communities through youth-led campaigns, leadership development programs, and cultural expression through arts and media. FIERCE is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of social justice movement leaders who are dedicated to ending all forms of oppression.


Dalya Massachi, M.A., a lifelong writer, published her first Letter to the Editor in her hometown newspaper before she was even a teenager. Now founder of Writing for Community Success, she specializes in helping community-minded professionals advance their work through outstanding written materials – online and offline. Dalya has worked with socially responsible organizations for nearly 20 years, as a trainer, writing coach, grantwriter, executive director, journalist, and organizer. Her 2011 book is entitled, “Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact.” Her website and free e-newsletter are at: www.dfmassachi.net

Kevin Johnson, principal of Retriever Development Counsel LLC, coaches nonprofit leaders on howto be more effective in choosing strategy, charting new directions, and building sustainable funding models for their organizations. His book, The Power of Legacy and Planned Gifts: How Donors and Nonprofits Can Change the World, was recently published by Jossey-Bass/Wiley.

A fund development expert with a passion for social change, Funding Change founder Tina Cincotti gives grassroots groups the skills, tools, training, and confidence they need to raise more money from their supporters. She specializes in building individual donor programs, improving donor relations and donor communications, coaching staff new to development, and motivating boards to be more engaged in fundraising. Having held a variety of senior staff positions with groups organizing for social, economic, and racial justice, Tina complements her fund development expertise with a thorough understanding of non-profit management – staff supervision and training; board management and leadership development; administration, finance and operations; communications and marketing; and strategic planning and organizational development – and how each piece relates to fundraising.  This broad and diverse background enables her to tailor fundraising strategies to the specific needs of your organization. Tina has been a regular presenter with NonprofitWebinars.com since their launch in January of 2010. In addition to her consulting, Tina serves on the Board of Directors of Women in Development and chairs their Institute for Nonprofits.  She is also a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, the Nonprofit Consultants Network, and maintains a consulting affiliation with Third Sector New England.


Russell Roybal is a senior consultant with the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT). GIFT provides fundraising resources, training, and analysis to organizations nationwide, especially those that are working for social justice and are based in communities of color. GIFT also publishes the Grassroots Fundraising Journal. Russell is Deputy Executive Director of External Relations for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and serves on the board of National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. In his role at the Task Force, he is the organization’s chief development officer. His areas of expertise include fund-raising, organizational development, and board development. Russell puts the “fun” in fund-raising!

Marjorie Fine directs The Linchpin Campaign, a project of the Center for Community Change, whose goal is to expand the resources available to community organizing efforts in the United States. She previously was executive director of the Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock, one of the nation’s largest institutional funders of community organizing. Before that she served as executive director of the North Star Fund, raising millions from individual donors for progressive social change organizations in New York. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude from SUNY Buffalo and holds a master’s degree in social work with a concentration in community organizing and administration. She serves on the boards of National Committee for Reponsive Philanthropy and Interfaith Funders.

Nadia Khastagir has been a member of Design Action since 2004, having previously worked at CorpWatch as the in-house graphic designer and assisting with development. She has beenactive with Bay Area grassroots organizations and is on the board of Global Resistance.

William Ramírez arrived in the Bay Area in 2003 from the Dominican Republic. He has a Graphic Design and Illustration degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. He has more than 12 years of experience in both print and web design and loves flirting with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Open Source CMS.

Stephanie Roth is a consultant and trainer, with a focus on fundraising, board development and meeting facilitation, for grassroots, social justice organizations. She also worked on the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, a publication of the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT), for 20 years before stepping down as editor-in-chief at the end of 2009. Stephanie is the co-author (with Mimi Ho) of The Accidental Fundraiser: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Money for Your Cause (Jossey-Bass, 2005) and co-editor (with Kim Klein) of the anthology Raise More Money: The Best of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal (Jossey-Bass, 2001).

Prior work experience includes Director of the Long Island Technical Assistance Center, and Co-Director of New York Women Against Rape. Stephanie holds a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. She lives in Berkeley, CA, and is an active member of Jewish Voice for Peace.

Kim Klein is internationally known as a fundraising trainer and consultant. She is a member of the Building Movement Project and leads workshops on tax policy and the importance of the “commons” for them as well as being a regular contributor to their website. She is the Chardon Press Series Editor at Jossey-Bass Publishers, which publishes and distributes materials that help to build a stronger nonprofit sector, and the founder of the bimonthly Grassroots Fundraising Journal. She is also the author of Fundraising for Social Change (now in its fifth edition, 2006), Fundraising for the Long Haul (2000), which explores the particular challenges of older grassroots organizations, and Ask and You Shall Receive: A Fundraising Training Program for Religious Organizations or Projects, Raise More Money (2001) which she edited with her partner, Stephanie Roth, and Fundraising in Times of Crisis (2004). Widely in demand as a speaker, Kim Klein has provided training and consultation in all 50 states and in 21 countries.

Jan Masaoka is the Director and Editor-in-Chief of Blue Avocado, and writes our Board Café column, which she originated 10 years ago at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. Jan was Executive Director of CompassPoint for 14 years, a consulting and training firm for nonprofits based in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and which is a BlueAvocado charter partner. Jan authored The Best of the Board Café (Fieldstone Press) and All Hands on Board: The Board of Directors in All-Volunteer Organizations (BoardSource). Her research work includes studies on nonprofit leadership, women executive directors of color, all-volunteer organizations, and the nonprofit workforce. She is a frequent speaker and contributor to nonprofit journals.

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