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Board Member Paying Staff Person Extra

Dear Kim,   I chair the board of a small religious organization.  Each employee has to raise a certain amount toward their salary and this amount is set by the board, as are the salaries. Recently it came to my attention that one employee is receiving additional support from a board member who provides a […]

Being a Good Example to Your Board

Dear Kim, One of my staff recently went to one of your workshops and said that you said “The executive director and the development director need to be comfortable asking for money in person, and set an example of doing that. Because if the board members think that people who get paid don’t like asking, […]

Who Should Foot the Bill for Board Meetings?

Dear Kim, I am on the board of a small organization.  We are required to make a donation, which I am fine with, but we also pay for the meals we are served at board meetings and we pay all our own costs for the board retreat once a year. A good friend who is […]

Term Limits for Board Members

Dear Kim: What is your opinion about term limits for board members?  We have finally gotten a great board together and we all like each other, and now one of our key people is to term out at the end of the year.  We are already sad about this and thinking of changing our by-laws […]