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Comping Event Volunteers

Dear Kim,  Our organization is putting on a big event using a great team of about 50 volunteers. The tickets to the event are $100 each and we only have capacity for 400 people. We expect to sell out. Now I am being told the volunteers should get a free ticket, but the problem is […]

12.16 Redefining Wealth – Part 2

On Sunday Nov 21 we experimented with a new fundraiser, “Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks” and it raised $8,500…from a crowd of only 30 people! When I first mentioned the theme to a close colleague who was slated to do the “ask,” she replied directly to me (via email): I’ll speak on the theme. But to […]

11.17 Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks

This weekend at The Stone House, we’re doing a community event and fundraiser called “Redefining Wealth, Giving Thanks.” The inspiration came after I went to a couple of events hosted by other nonprofits in our area that were designed to cultivate donors. These are both organizations I like a lot and that we collaborate with. […]