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Segmenting Lists

Dear Kim, I am about to take the plunge. For years I’ve listened to many fundraisers stress the importance of segmenting your donor lists. For a variety of reasons including laziness, being too busy, and poor software, I have not yet done this. But there are other reasons that I never see anyone mention. I […]

Rewarding Good Work with More Work

Dear Kim, I have been a development director for the same organization for five years, and everyone agrees I have done a good job. Every year we have increased the number of donors we have and the income from them; we have more foundation grants and we have a board that, for the most part, […]

Oral Dockets

Dear Kim, Our organization has been asked to present our request for funding in person to a panel of decision makers, along with a number of other organizations. They call it an “Oral Docket.” Have you ever heard of such a thing? We are not very good public speakers and I feel we will be […]

Are Small Gifts a Waste of Time?

Dear Kim, I am writing to you as a donor. I give away 10% of my income every year and support about 25 organizations with donations in the $20-$50 range with a few at $100. I live on social security but I don’t have many expenses so I can do this. But I read recently […]

Accepting “No” & Moving On

Dear Kim, I am the executive director of a small environmental justice organization focused on organizing a community to stand up to a large and highly polluting CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.) We have recently had some victories but need to keep pushing. One of our board members comes from quite a wealthy family and […]

The Importance of Upgrading

How can we keep donors motivated to give? When is it appropriate and how often should we ask donors to give more? Kim Klein answers these questions and more in this updated version of her classic article.

To Audit or Not to Audit

Dear Kim, Is an audit really important? We are a 20 year old performing arts organization, with a budget of about $500,000 in a good year and $350,000 in the not so good years. We have three full time staff and a lot of volunteers, and we work in a small community. Basically, our organization […]

Being a Good Example to Your Board

Dear Kim, One of my staff recently went to one of your workshops and said that you said “The executive director and the development director need to be comfortable asking for money in person, and set an example of doing that. Because if the board members think that people who get paid don’t like asking, […]

“Outing” Overhead

Kim makes the case for bringing administrative costs out of the closet and into the daylight as legitimate expenses.

Why Appreciating Gifts of All Sizes Matters

Dear Kim: We have thousands of individual donors and recently decided to stop sending thank you notes to people who give less than $15.  One of our board members heard you speak and said that you said everyone should be thanked, regardless of size of gift.  The cost/benefit of this eludes me.  We have done […]