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Term Limits for Board Members

Dear Kim: What is your opinion about term limits for board members?  We have finally gotten a great board together and we all like each other, and now one of our key people is to term out at the end of the year.  We are already sad about this and thinking of changing our by-laws […]

4.23 GFJ + NPQ + Kim Klein webinar=$59

Today’s your last chance to get one-year subscriptions to the Grassroots Fundraising Journal AND the Nonprofit Quarterly AND participate in a webinar with fundraising expert Kim Klein on Upgrading Donors for just $59! Open to all, not just new subscribers. Please share widely and sign up here! For just $59 you’ll get: 1. A special […]

7.21 Top ten reasons why you should come to Money for Our Movements!

The Money for Our Movements conference is right around the corner—here’s our top ten list for why you should register today! 10. You’ll get top-notch fundraising training on online fundraising, boards, special events, databases, and more! 9. Our keynote speakers, Saru Jayaraman and Attica Woodson Scott, will inspire you with new ideas for how we […]

8.5 Is This the Wrong Time to Start a Nonprofit?

Dear Kim, I want to start a nonprofit that teaches young people digital arts.  I have researched and received training on how to do this, and now I’m ready to get things going.  I have board members ready to volunteer and support the vision.  There is no other organization with this focus here in our […]

Dear Kim: Overcoming donor dread

Dear Kim: We have a really generous but very difficult donor.  He gives about $20,000 a year, and in some years has given $50,000.  He is by far our biggest donor (we have a few donors who give $5,000 and several hundred who give anywhere from $25-$1,000) and it is my job to go see […]

Dear Kim: Message from Kim

Dear Readers: What are you doing August 12-13?  I hope as many of you as possible will be answering, “Coming to the Money for Our Movements Conference!” This biennial conference is being held this year at Mills College in Oakland and will feature trainers and participants from all over the United States. If any of […]