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7.21 Top ten reasons why you should come to Money for Our Movements!

The Money for Our Movements conference is right around the corner—here’s our top ten list for why you should register today! 10. You’ll get top-notch fundraising training on online fundraising, boards, special events, databases, and more! 9. Our keynote speakers, Saru Jayaraman and Attica Woodson Scott, will inspire you with new ideas for how we […]

8.6 Last Day to Register for Money for Our Movements Conference

More than 400 people are coming to Mills College in Oakland, California next week (8/12-8/13) for GIFT’s biannual Money for Our Movements conference. It’s the largest convergence of US-based activists, organizers and fundraisers for social justice. If you’d like to join us but haven’t had a chance to register, do it now! Today is the […]