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September-October 2014, Vol. 33 No. 5

Communications & Technology


Sep-Oct-2014-GFJ-CoverStrategic Communications for Year-Round Donor Engagement Joleen Ong demonstrates how staying in touch with donors throughout the year—by strategically sharing content through a variety of channels—builds trust and increases the likelihood of them renewing their support. Read the full article here.

Infographics for Outreach, Advocacy & Fundraising  Kyle Andrei and Chris Bernard show how presenting your data visually can make it easier to understand and build interest in your cause. $3 (free for subscribers)

The Case, Simplified Use this training exercise by Andrea Kihlstedt and Andy Robinson to help your fundraising team members develop a pitch that is too good to refuse. $3

CRMs & Fundraising: An Integrated Approach Tomás Aguilar and Mark Sherman share questions to consider when choosing a CRM for your organization, and show how some groups are using their CRMs to enhance their fundraising efforts.$3

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