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November-December 2014, Vol. 33 No. 6


Nov-Dec 2014 Grassroots Fundraising Journal coverAll Aboard: Boards That Work Building off the 2014 Money for Our Movements debate, Kim Klein and Stephanie Roth argue that we can have the boards we want and need, and offer ideas for how to achieve them. Read the full article here.

Building Authenticity in Major Donor Relationships Former GIFT Board Member Tanya Mote reminds us that while certain aspects of grassroots fundraising are rooted in formulas and systems, our success ultimately lies in our ability to be present and responsive to our supporters. 

The Trans Justice Funding Project: Funding a Movement The Trans Justice Funding Project utilizes a community-led funding model to bring more resources to grassroots trans justice groups. Gabriel Foster shares how they do it. 

Almost There: Eight Strategies to Boost Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign Avi Cummings and Ari Wohlfeiler provide concrete tips for making the most of your year-end fundraising efforts.

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