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July-August 2014, Vol. 33 No. 4

Money & Our Movements

July-Aug 2014 GFJ Cover

Viva La Causa: Fundraising Lessons from the United Farm Workers Movement Rona Fernandez shares fundraising stories from the UFW, showing what can happen when a group moves away from its core constituency as its main source of support. Read the full article here. 

Creating an Organizational Fundraising Strategy: A Training Exercise Use this exercise to develop a fundraising strategy that is aligned with your mission and organizational values. $3 (free to subscribers)

Building People-Powered Organizations Through Sustainership Kristin Campbell and Allison Budschalow of Media Mobilizing Project share the how and why of their highly successful monthly sustainer program. $3

Why People of Color (Still) Need to be Good Fundraisers Mike Roque revisits his 1998 article and shares insights into what has and hasn’t changed in the last 16 years. $3

Who Do You Know? GIFT Board Member Sha Grogan-Brown provides an interactive exercise that will help your fundraising team think creatively and concretely to develop their prospect lists. $3

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