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November-December 2016, Vol. 35 No. 6

Nov-Dec 2016 GFJ Cover

Data, Donor Retention, and the Secret to Fundraising Success
Heather Yandow surveyed 119 small nonprofits with revenues under $2 million to identify our fundraising strengths and challenges. Here’s what she found.

To Have Ultimate Mission Impact, There Is Only One Solution
Sheree Allison calls out common nonprofit practices that can sabotage our fundraising efforts. Learn how to avoid these potential pitfalls and set ourselves up for maximize impact.

Sliding Scale: Why, How, and Sorting Out Who
Have you or your group struggled to offer affordable fees that increase access without compromising your bottom line? Read about Hadassah Damien’s approach to sliding scale that is both clear and equitable.

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“Understanding Donor Motivations (Including Your Own!): A Training Exercise” by Uma Rao (Mar-Apr 2013, v32 n3)

“Strategic Communications for Year-Round Donor Engagement” by Joleen Ong (Sep-Oct 2014, v33 n5)

“Building Good Relationships with Donors Starts with You” by Kim Klein & Jean McCord (Mar-Apr 2007, v26 n2)

“Mom Was Right… Write That Thank-You Note!” by Nancy Otto (Jan-Feb 2007, v26, n1)

“More Money in the Mailbox: 11 Tips for Improving Your Mailings” by Andy Robinson (Nov-Dec 2005, v24 n6)

“What Have You Done for Me Lately? Building Healthy Relationships with eNewsletters” by Nzinga Koné-Miller (Mar-Apr 2012, v31 n2)

“Fundraising Appeal Makeover” by Nicole Hsiang (Jan-Feb 2010, v29, n1)

“Four Essential Tips to Motivate Individual Donors” by Mara Perez (Sep-Oct 2011, v30 n5)


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