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These movement artists donated designs for #mfom14 T-shirts--get yours today with a gift of $100 or more to help GIFT sustain and grow our work!

"Grassroots Fundraising Journal articles are useful, practical, specific, well-written-and most important, the strategies in GFJ really work!"

"The conference lifted us up out of our own work and set us down in a world of people who challenged, inspired and shared great ideas with us."


GIFT is a resource center and support network by and for folks who raise money for social justice.

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Announcing GIFT’s New Training Institutes: Resourcing Our Communities, Building the New Economy

GIFT is launching a series of three training institutes that will grow the base of people developing grassroots funding strategies for long-haul movement building work, as grassroots fundraising and resource organizing are undeniably critical in building the New/Next Economy.

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Join the GIFT team!

We’re currently accepting applications for our next Resource Development Director. Join our team to lead our revenue generation activities. Applications due March 1st. Learn more and apply!

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Money for Our Movements 2014

Nearly 700 social justice fundraiser organizers came to Baltimore August 2-3 for a weekend of skills development, resource sharing, and community building. Check out workshop handouts, the #mfom14 infographic, photos, and more!


Listen now! Webinars on Demand

*New* Building a Successful Monthly Sustainer Program; Create an Annual Fundraising Plan; Build a Better Board; Raps that Raise Money; Recruit 4 Great Board Members in the Next 4 Months; Build a Strong Mid-Level Donor Program; How Small Groups Can Raise BIG Money; On Being a Consultant