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These movement artists donated designs for #mfom14 T-shirts--get yours today with a gift of $100 or more to help GIFT sustain and grow our work!

"Grassroots Fundraising Journal articles are useful, practical, specific, well-written-and most important, the strategies in GFJ really work!"

"The conference lifted us up out of our own work and set us down in a world of people who challenged, inspired and shared great ideas with us."


GIFT is a resource center and support network by and for folks who raise money for social justice.

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mario & rld

Grassroots Fundraising Training for Organizers & Activists: Oct. 22-24, 2015 in Baltimore

GIFT is growing the base of people developing grassroots funding strategies for long-haul movement building work. 

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Money for Our Movements 2014

Nearly 700 social justice fundraiser organizers came to Baltimore August 2-3 for a weekend of skills development, resource sharing, and community building. Check out workshop handouts, the #mfom14 infographic, photos, and more!


Listen now! Webinars on Demand

*New* Building a Successful Monthly Sustainer Program; Create an Annual Fundraising Plan; Build a Better Board; Raps that Raise Money; Recruit 4 Great Board Members in the Next 4 Months; Build a Strong Mid-Level Donor Program; How Small Groups Can Raise BIG Money; On Being a Consultant


Comunidades del Futuro: Guía para Facilitadores Capacitando a la Comunidad en la Recaudación de Fondos

Utilice nuestra guía para facilitadores, de más de 100 páginas en español, para ayudarle a entrenar a otros en la recaudación de fondos. Use our facilitator’s guide of 100+ pages in Spanish to help you train others in grassroots fundraising.